Can you get married without changing your name?

Can you get married without changing your name?

At some point when you begin your life as a married couple, you and your spouse will probably think and talk about whether or not one or both of you will change your surname. Whether or not you make the change is completely up to you. There are no rules or laws you have to consider in making this decision.

Can a girl not change her name after marriage?

“It is not the rule of law or mandatory that a woman should have changed her name or surname after her marriage or remarriage and use the surname of her present husband with her own name.

Is there a time limit on changing your name after marriage us?

FAQ. How long do you have to change your name after getting married? You have as long as you want to change your name after getting married. While many states prefer that you notify them that you’ve changed your name within 30 days after your wedding, you’ll still be allowed to change your name even if you wait.

Does my last name automatically change when I get married?

You’ve taken the plunge and perhaps decided to either take your spouse’s last name or create your own last name with your partner after the wedding. Since your name does not change automatically when you get married, you have to make sure you follow all the necessary legal steps to changing your name after the wedding.

Should marriage certificate have new name?

It just doesn’t matter. Most marriage certificates don’t show married names. Instead, they’ll show the current name, maiden name, or birth name. This is because the marriage license application for most states doesn’t offer spots to specify a new name after marriage.

Can a married woman use her maiden name?

A marriage certificate simply records the names of the couple who are marrying. After your marriage, it is your own personal choice what you want your surname to be. Your options, which are explained in detail in this article, are: Continue using your maiden name.

Can I use my maiden name and married name together?

It’s the most common and traditional marriage name change routine. Move your maiden name to your middle name and take your spouse’s last name. This is an increasingly popular option if you’d like to keep your maiden name in your full name. You can also keep your middle name or drop it – it’s up to you.

Is there a deadline for a name change after marriage?

Yes. As long as you remain married and have your marriage certificate you will be able to go through the marriage name change process. Is there a deadline for name change after marriage? No. Your marriage certificate doesn’t expire.

Can you change your last name after a divorce?

To change your identification documents, you will have to present your marriage certificate. In the unfortunate event that the marriage doesn’t work out, you have the freedom to change your name back after the divorce. Legally Changing Your Name After Marriage: Using Your Spouse’s Last Name

Can a woman take her husband’s last name after marriage?

Taking on a new surname. Historically, a woman was expected to take her husband’s last name upon marriage. Times have changed though, and today same-sex and opposite-sex married couples have many options, including: some spouses keep their own surnames, but hyphenate their children’s last names.

When do you get your marriage certificate after marriage?

A marriage certificate is a legal document that verifies your marriage occurred at a specific date and location. You’ll need to use it many times during your name change. Your wedding officiant should send you the original in the mail two to three weeks after your marriage.

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