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Can you put Vortec heads on a 305?

Can you put Vortec heads on a 305?

There’s both 350 and 305 vortecs. Heads from both these engines would physically bolt on to a 305, but bolting a set of 350 heads onto a 305 would hurt performance more than anything. The heads off a 305 vortec are actually pretty decent heads for a 305, and if you’re set on vortec heads, those are the ones you want.

How well do Vortec heads flow?

He took a set of Vortec right out of the box and clamped them down to his Superflow bench. With 230-cfm max flow, these heads are actually pretty good, except when you notice that peak flow is at . 700 inch valve lift, and no street cams are that big. Not all modifications work on all heads.

Why are Vortec heads so good?

The L31 Vortec heads have larger ports than the older Gen I cast steel heads, so they outflow the older heads. The Vortec heads are a little bit lighter than the older heads and have a “kidney” or “heart” shaped combustion chamber that is more efficient than the double hump chamber.

Will a 350 intake fit a 305?

Everything fits the same it’s the same block you can’t tell the difference except the 350 sticker on the valve covers. I did the same swap but put a performer manifold on. The 305 /350 bolt holes are identical to the thread.

How much horsepower do Vortec heads add?

Most of these small block Chevy heads offer a power increase of around 40 hp, and even the iron Vortec heads were worth 20 hp over stock. The two best small block Chevy heads in terms of peak horsepower were worth more than 60 hp.

Can you put 305 heads on a 350?

305 heads on a 350 – MR. WELLWOOD’S SHOP OF HORRORS You will find lots of hate on this one. Putting 305 heads on a 350 was a good way to bump compression back in the day when compression was low, and aftermarket heads were almost “unattainable.”

How much does a 305 Vortec intake cost?

I was considering a set of the ‘520 305 Vortec heads for an engine I’m building for my ’88 C1500. If you plan to keep your TBI and EGR, like I am, it starts getting real expensive. The Vortec TBI intake with EGR is close to $400 new and used ones don’t go for much less than $250.

What is the part number for a Chevy Vortec head?

The Chevy Vortec head is an excellent choice for a variety of performance and race applications. Since its introduction in the late 1990’s there have been a few “versions” of the factory Vortec head. We use the new, new Chevrolet produced casting for applications that require the factory Vortec head. The Chevrolet part number is 12691728.

Is the Chevy Vortec cylinder head good for racing?

The Chevy Vortec head is an excellent choice for a variety of performance and race applications. Currently, we are using new castings that are available from Chevrolet. In the air flow department, these new Mexican castings need more modifications but achieve better air flow than the crack-prone 20 year old production ‘906 or ‘062 Vortec castings.

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