Did Scott Walker sing no regrets?

Did Scott Walker sing no regrets?

No Regrets is the fourth album by the American pop group The Walker Brothers. The album was released in 1975 and was the group’s first together since 1967….No Regrets (The Walker Brothers album)

No Regrets
Producer Scott Walker, Geoff Calver
The Walker Brothers chronology
Images (1967) No Regrets (1975) Lines (1976)
Scott Walker chronology

Who sang the song No Regrets?

Édith Piaf
Je Ne Regrette Rien/Artists

What was the Walker Brothers biggest hit?

Make It Easy on Yourself
After moving to Britain in 1965, they had a number of top ten albums and singles there, including the No. 1 chart hits “Make It Easy on Yourself” and “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore)”, both of which also made the US top 20 and Canadian top 2.

Who played the guitar solo on the Walker Brothers No regrets?

Guitarist Big Jim Sullivan has… – Scott Engel (Walker) | Facebook.

What do you mean by no regrets?

“To have no regrets, you think that absolutely everything you’ve done and everything that happened to you is perfect just the way it is, or you just don’t have the perspective to see that it’s not,” says Anna Gotlib, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Brooklyn College CUNY.

How old is Edith Piaf?

47 years (1915–1963)
Édith Piaf/Age at death

She died at the age of 47, reportedly from liver cancer. Her death was mourned across France, and thousands lined the route of her funeral procession.

What does three letters one choice no regrets mean?

What does three letters one choice no regrets mean? One Choice. No Regrets. That means assessing each sorority/fraternity during your chapter visits. That means looking effortfully into each chapter’s strengths as well as their weaknesses.

Do men regret giving up on a relationship?

Men Are Much More Likely to Experience This Type of Regret, Study Finds. All of us get the breakup blues, but only men tend to linger on breakup regret. None of us are immune to the pain and trauma of a bad breakup, not to mention the depression, anxiety, and even physical distress that can so often follow.

What was the B side to No Regrets by the Walker Brothers?

John Walker’s only new song “Remember Me” was included as the B-side to “No Regrets”. The group’s following album Lines did include a lone John Walker composition under a pseudonym, Scott however, would not contribute new songs until 1978’s Nite Flights. No Regrets and Lines instead feature cover versions from a variety of contemporary songwriters.

Who was the original singer of No Regrets?

No Regrets (Tom Rush song) In addition to his 1968 sparse acoustic recording of the song, Rush later recorded a more lush, orchestrated pop version for Columbia Records featuring Carly Simon on background vocals and a screaming electric guitar solo for his 1974 album Ladies Love Outlaws .

When did Tom Rush Release the song No Regrets?

“No Regrets” is a song by folk and blues singer/songwriter Tom Rush. It is the final song on his 1968 album The Circle Game.

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