Do both radiator fans run at the same time?

Do both radiator fans run at the same time?

They work separately, unless the car is hot, then they both come on. Does the A/C fan even work? Turn on the A/C to see if it does come on.

How is an electric cooling fan controlled?

Most cars today have an electric cooling fan that is controlled by the computer or a thermal fan switch and a relay. Depending on the manufacturer, some vehicles use a temperature switch to turn the fan on and off, or with commands from the engine computer and coolant sensor, or a control module to run the fan.

How does a 2 speed cooling fan work?

Cooling fans located behind the radiator draw cool air across the radiator and into the engine compartment. This heat is then rejected to the atmosphere through the vehicle radiator/cooling fan system. …

Why does radiator have two fans?

The cooling fan in the engine compartment should turn on to pull air through the radiator and A/C condenser. On many vehicles, there may be two fans: a main cooling fan for the radiator, and a second fan for the condenser. Both fans should come on when the A/C is on. The engine may also run hot and overheat, too.

How many radiator fans does a car have?

A lot of drivers’ vehicles will actually have two radiator fans. One, both or neither may be running at any given time depending on the conditions. When you are cruising at highway speeds, the air rushing over the radiator and around the engine will help control the heat.

Does the PCM control the radiator fan?

The PCM controls fan operation; it uses the signal from the ECT or engine coolant temperature sensor. This sensor senses the temperature of the engine’s coolant and sends a variable voltage signal to the PCM. The PCM operates the fan motor through the engine’s cooling fan relay.

How does a radiator fan switch work?

A coolant fan switch is a small and very simple switch comprised of typically two wires. As engine temperature rises to a specific threshold, the switch is activated powering on the coolant fan. The coolant fan will continue to run until the engine temperature cools down to a specific predetermined level.

How is the radiator fan connected to the engine?

A mechanical fan is connected to the engine directly by drive pulleys. This type of radiator fan is controlled by a thermal fan clutch that senses radiator heat. After sensing the heat temperature, the radiator fan turns on when the engine is running at a higher temperature.

What do you need to know about radiator fan control?

The simplest form of radiator fan control is a switch that applies B+ voltage to the fan whenever the driver closes the switch, regardless of the ignition switch position. This arrangement is found on some race cars and custom vehicles. A disadvantage, of course, is that if the switch is left on, the battery will be discharged in a few hours.

Can a dual fan be wired to a thermostat?

Methods of Wiring Dual Electric Cooling Fans There are several ways that a dual fan can be wired. For example, dual thermostat switches or dual relays could be used to control each fan separately. Or a single relay could be used to control both fans.

Can a single relay control two cooling fans?

A high-current single relay controller can often tackle this job, but at greater expense than two simple relays like in our diagram below. If you’re really pressed for space in your engine bay the single high-current relay is certainly an option. Can Dual Cooling Fans Be Controlled Separately? Yes, you can control dual fans separately.

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