Does CPT code 29824 include debridement?

Does CPT code 29824 include debridement?

If extensive debridement (CPT 29823) is performed in a different area of the same shoulder with one of the following arthroscopic shoulder procedures, it may be reported separately: CPT 29824 – Arthroscopic claviculectomy including distal articular surface.

What is the difference between CPT 29806 and 29807?

If the repair is a SLAP, you’d code work done on the upper half of the labrum as 29807 (Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; repair of SLAP lesion). If the repair was in the lower half of the labrum, you’d use instead code 29806 (Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; capsulorraphy).

What is procedure code 23412?

23412. Repair of ruptured musculotendinous cuff (eg, rotator cuff) open; chronic. J1.

Can 29827 and 29823 be billed together?

Per the 2017 CMS NCCI Surgical Policy Manual code 29823 CAN be billed with 29824, 29827 & 29828 ONLY.

When to use an arthroscope for elbow debridement?

In 29837, the physician performs a limited debridement. In 29838, the physician uses the arthroscope to examine all parts of the elbow joint. Debridement is performed on proliferative cartilage, a degenerative joint, or roughened or frayed articular

What are the CPT codes for the shoulder and elbow?

Shoulder and Elbow Codes CPT Codes Common Procedures 23472 Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Arthroplasty, glenohumeral joint; total shoulder (glenoid and proximal humeral replacement (eg, total shoulder)) 23472

What is the clinical description of elbow arthroscopy?

My provider performed a four portal arthroscopic elbow procedure–right elbow extensive arthroscopic debridement and excision of posterolateral synovial plica . This is the clinical description of the procedure (from Medicare GCPI): “The physician performs elbow arthroscopy with the patient in a supine position.

Is the debridement performed on the same shoulder?

Per NCCI guidelines, the debridement (29823) is considered included in the primary procedure when performed on the same shoulder. The acromion is a bony process on the shoulder blade that extends toward the shoulder joint. It is a continuation of the scapular spine, and together with the collarbone, it forms the acromioclavicular joint.

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