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Does Curzon kiss Isabel?

Does Curzon kiss Isabel?

Sexual Content: Curzon thinks about kissing Isabel and later kisses her. Curzon sees Isabel in pants for the first time and notices her figure. He notes that he can see the entire length of her leg and a “good eyeful” of her rump. Adult Themes: Just like the first book in the series, Chains, Forge focuses on slavery.

Why is Isabel angry with Curzon?

Chapter 44 2. When Curzon opens Bellingham’s door, he sees Isabel shaving Bellingham. Curzon gets upset when he sees Bellingham touching Isabel inappropriately.

How old is Curzon in the book chains?

Isabel and Curzon are now 17 and 19, their relationship strained by years of travel, disagreement and stubbornness.

Who is Curzon Smith in the book forge?

Forge tells the story of Curzon Smith, a runaway slave who enlists in the Colonial Army during the American Revolution. A sequel to Anderson’s previous book, Chains, Forge begins in earnest after Curzon has been abandoned by Isabel, a fellow slave who has freed him from captivity at the end of the previous novel.

Why did Isabel rowed Curzon to freedom in Forge?

Isabel saved Curzon from dying and rowed him to freedom because she crossed the River Jordan. Bellingham said that if Curzon did anything wrong Isabel was the one that would be punished! Isabel knowing this she did not trust Curzon and would refuse talking to him. In the book Forge, there was a various amount of deception.

How does Curzon Plan to flee Valley Forge?

Curzon intends to flee with Isabel when the army marches out of Valley Forge – he makes a wax impression of Bellingham’s key while he bathes, and he and Isabel melt down musket balls for the iron. Isabel forges letters drawing Bellingham away from the house, and the two steal as much food and money as they can find for their trip.

Why was Curzon mistaken for a slave in Forge?

At a party thrown by the local militia leader, Curzon is mistaken for a slave. This leads to a temporary falling out between himself and Eben, whose privilege and ignorance makes him unable to understand Curzon and his fellow black men and women’s collective plight.

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