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Does excitable have a suffix?

Does excitable have a suffix?

English dictionary definition of: View spelling list More words with the suffix -able and learn about the word excitable in the Spellzone English spelling course, Unit 27. Word endings: -able, -ible.

What type of word is excitable?

Easily excited.

What is the root word of explosion?

One of the ways they made noise was by clapping their hands loudly. When Romans did not like a performance, they often drove the performer from the stage by loud claps. The word for this was explodere or explaudere, from the prefix ex-, meaning “out, away,” and plaudere. From this word we get our English word explode.

What is the root of the word energetic?

Energetic comes from the Greek, energetikos, meaning “active.” When you are energetic, you’re active with enthusiasm and excitement to spare.

What is a excitable?

Definition of excitable 1 : capable of being readily roused into action or a state of excitement or irritability. 2 : capable of being activated by and reacting to stimuli excitable cells.

Is there such a word as excitable?

easily excited: Prima donnas had the reputation of being excitable and temperamental. capable of being excited.

Is Explodable a word?

adjective. That may cause or be subject to an explosion; liable or likely to explode.

What is the meaning of de energized?

transitive verb. : to disconnect from a source of electricity : shut off the power to.

What’s a word for full of energy?

What is another word for full of energy?

spry lightsome
sprightly active
energetic lively
spirited animated
jaunty perky

What is called excitability?

What is a antonym for excitable?

excitableadjective. Antonyms: unexcitable, imperturbable, calm. Synonyms: susceptible, sensitive, emotional, impressible, mobile, irritable, choleric, passionate, irascible, fiery, waspish.

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