Does Fiji have a Senate?

Does Fiji have a Senate?

The Senate of Fiji was the upper chamber of Parliament. It was abolished by the 2013 Constitution of Fiji, after a series of military coups. It was the less powerful of the two chambers; it could not initiate legislation, but could amend or veto it.

Who is ruling Fiji?

Executive branch

Office Name Party
President George Konrote FijiFirst
Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama FijiFirst

In which year Fiji had 2 elections?

Two elections, in 1992 and 1994, were held. In 1992, the SVT ruled with the support of other Fijian members and the General Voters Party (GVP), which is supported by non-indigenous Fijians and Fijian Indians.

Who was Fiji’s first prime minister?

List of prime ministers of Fiji (1970–present)

No. Prime Minister Took office
Prime Ministers of the Dominion of Fiji
1 Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara (1920–2004) 10 October 1970
2 Timoci Bavadra (1934–1989) 13 April 1987
Vacant (14 May 1987 – 5 December 1987)

What political system is Fiji?

Parliamentary system
Military juntaParliamentary republicMilitary dictatorship

How many political parties are there in Fiji?

Registered parties

Party Acronym / Abbreviation Seats in Parliament (2018)
Fiji First Party FijiFirst 32
FijiFirst FFP 27
Social Democratic Liberal Party SODELPA 21
National Federation Party NFP 3

What political party is Fiji?

National Federation Party

The National Federation Party
Ideology Indo-Fijian interests
Colours Red and green
MPs in the Parliament of Fiji 3 / 51
Election symbol

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