Does nights need an apostrophe?

Does nights need an apostrophe?

Time expressions often use apostrophes. “Before the s or after the s?” If you take a minute to look at the example, you’ll have the answer: Spell the word (day, days, week, weeks, night, nights, moment, moments, Dennis, Mary) and put the apostrophe after the last letter.

What is the plural of night?

1 night /ˈnaɪt/ noun. plural nights.

Is it last night or last nights?

Oh, so mostly, if you’re saying “The events of last night”, that would be “Last night’s events”, because it’s possessive. However, if you are saying “The events of the last nights”, it would be “Last nights’ events”, because it’s plural possessive.

How do you spell good nights sleep?

Definition of a good night’s sleep : a night in which one sleeps well Did you have a good night’s sleep? I need a good night’s sleep to be at my best in the morning. Our team at The Usage has selected the best bedsheets of 2021.

What is the adjective form of night?

nightly. Happening or appearing in the night; night-time; nocturnal.

What is the Old English word for night?

From Middle English nighte, night, nyght, niȝt, naht, from Old English niht, from Proto-West Germanic *naht (“night”), from Proto-Germanic *nahts (“night”), from Proto-Indo-European *nókʷts (“night”).

What are the rules for using possessive nouns?

There are a handful of steadfast rules when it comes to using possessive nouns. These are outlined and listed below. A joint possession is when two or more people possess ownership together, and this is indicated by only giving possession to the last person listed in the group.

Which is the possessive form of the word Town?

The noun “town” does not end with “s”, so to create singular possessive form you have to add ‘s (apostrophe + s). The possessive form is town’s. The plural form of the noun is “towns”, so it ends with an “s”.

What are possessive nouns with inanimate objects called?

Possessive nouns with inanimate objects are called false possessives. The culture’s impact was felt in the study abroad group. The idea’s trajectory appeared to be successful.

Are there possessive nouns that end in the letter S?

There are possessive nouns that are either singular or plural, and there are nouns that end in the letter ”s” which are possessive. There are also proper nouns that end in the letter ”s” which are possessive.

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