How big do Tamaskans get?

How big do Tamaskans get?

between 25 and 28 inches tall
Tamaskans are a large dog breed. Males are larger than females and typically weigh between 66 and 99 pounds and are between 25 and 28 inches tall….Tamaskan Size and Weight.

Male Female
Height 25 inches to 28 inches 24 inches to 27 inches
Weight 66 pounds to 99 pounds 50 pounds to 84 pounds

How much Wolf is in a Tamaskan?

Overall, the average amount of wolf content for all registered Tamaskan Dogs worldwide is around 10% while the breed’s ideal range of wolf content is 0% to 15%.

Are Tamaskan dogs rare?

Tamaskan dogs are both a new and rare breed but they are extremely intelligent and highly versatile in terms of dog sports and working ability. This isn’t a pet for first time dog owners. These pups require work, attention, and care.

How much does a Tamaskan cost?

For a Tamaskan from a good breeder, you can expect to pay more than what you would for an average purebred or designer mixed breed dog. A Tamaskan puppy will cost over $1,000 and can go up from there to as high as $2,500.

Do Tamaskan dogs make good pets?

The Tamaskan is a good family dog, being gentle with children and accepting of other dogs. His high intelligence makes him an excellent working dog and the Tamaskan has been known to exceed in agility and obedience as well as sled racing. This pack dog prefers not to be left alone for long periods of time.

How big is a Czechoslovakian wolfdog?

Appearance. The lowest shoulder height is 65 cm (26 in) for a male and 60 cm (24 in) for a female, and there is no upper limit. The body frame is rectangular, with the ratio of the height to length being 9:10 or less. The minimum weight is 26 kg (57 lb) for males and 20 kg (44 lb) for females.

What do Tamaskan dogs eat?

Moreover, Tamaskan Dogs tend to have notoriously sensitive stomachs. This is primarily due to their arctic breed ancestry, which historically survived on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet (frozen fish, raw reindeer/seal meat, etc).

Is the Tamaskan a good guard dog?

According to experienced dog trainers, Tamaskan Dogs score out of 5 in the scale of breeds that are considered the best guard dogs. This dog is not recommended to be a watchdog.

How long do Tamaskan dogs live?

14 – 15 years
Tamaskan Dog/Lifespan

How much exercise does a Tamaskan dog need?

Tamaskan are a medium sized working breed. They need on average a 45-60 minute walk every day, or two 30 minute walks. Lack of exercise can lead to behavioural issues. As well as physical exercise, Tamaskan benefit from mental stimulation in the form of a dog sports or brain games.

What does a Czechoslovakian wolfdog look like?

The hind limbs are muscular, with a long calf and instep. The coat colour is yellow-grey to silver-grey, with a light mask. The hair is straight, close, and very thick. The Czechoslovak Wolfdog is a typical tenacious canterer; its movement is light and harmonious, and its stride is long.

What’s the average life span of a Tamaskan Dog?

The average Tamaskan lives for 14-15 years, but some have been known to live from 12 to 16 years. The litter size for the breed tends to average between 6 and 10 puppies.

How big does a Siberian Husky Tamaskan Dog Get?

Weight. The Tamaskan dog is a medium- to large-sized breed that looks similar to the Siberian Husky but it has a stronger build. These dogs typically weigh between 55 and 88 pounds and they stand between 24 and 28 inches tall at the shoulder.

What kind of dog is a Tamaskan Wolf?

Tamaskan dogs are both a new and rare breed but they are extremely intelligent and highly versatile in terms of dog sports and working ability. This breed is best for experienced dog owners who have the time and the ability to provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. The Tamaskan may look like a wolf, but this breed is all dog.

What’s the average litter size of a Tamaskan?

Tamaskan puppies require a great deal of socialization and training starting early on in their lives and they generally take to training quickly. The average litter size for the Tamaskan breed is fairly large – about 6 to 10 puppies.

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