How can you tell a fake GG bag?

How can you tell a fake GG bag?

The heart found in the authentic Gucci bag is located more towards the bottom of the bag, whereas the replica one is more centered. The difference appears in the shape too: the unauthentic heart is not as round and wide, as it is supposed to be. The stitching pattern in the right picture is not as symmetrical either.

How many numbers are in a Gucci serial number?

Authentic Gucci’s have a serial number which should consist of two things: a six-digit style number and the sizing (eight numbers in total).

Are Gucci bags made in China?

Yes, all Gucci handbags, purses, and wallets are made in Italy. Gucci watches are manufactured in Switzerland. Fragrances, cosmetics, and glasses are produced in other European countries and in Japan. The company does not make anything in China.

Where do I find the serial number on a Gucci bag?

Serial Numbers You can find this 10-13 digit number on the semi-rectangular leather tab located inside of Gucci bags, usually near the interior zipped pocket. There will never be letters included in this serial number.

How do I look up a Gucci serial number?

Look for a serial number tag typically located on a leather patch inside the handbag. You will know it is there when you see it is sewn on the inside of the bag on the top. No real Gucci has a serial number tag on the sides of the bag. The serial number tag is also a rectangle or a square.

Do Gucci bags come with authenticity cards?

Check Dustbag and Authenticity Cards All Gucci purses come with high-quality dust bags and authenticity cards. While some counterfeiters also place their merchandise in dust bags, boxes, or paper bags, the imitation packaging will exhibit signs of cheap materials and production.

What are the serial numbers on Gucci bags?

Gucci has been using different sequences of serial numbers. Nowadays, it has been divided into two rows, and the total numbers vary from 10 to 13. First-line represents the style code, and you can also find the code on the bag’s price tag. And the second line represents the supplier code.

How can you tell if a Gucci bag is a fake?

If it is a fake Gucci, the card will commonly include errors in font, logo or details that indicate the bag is not genuine. Newer Gucci handbags also include a label on the inside with what is known as a “QR” code – apart of the packaging paperwork included with a genuine Gucci handbag purchase.

What is the font for Gucci supplier number?

The font used on Gucci’s “style number” and “supplier number” has serifs similar to the Times New Roman font. Many fakes get this wrong, using a wide, blunt font similar to Helvetica or Arial. Why do we care whether it’s a “serial number” or “style number”?

Do you need to do a Gucci authenticity check?

Performing a Gucci authenticity check is an essential part of the purchasing process, but it does NOT start at the register. You need to know how to tell the difference between a real and a fake Gucci handbag long before you enter the online marketplace. Before you put any Gucci item in your cart, you will need to perform an authentication check.

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