How cold is too cold for guinea pigs?

How cold is too cold for guinea pigs?

The RSPCA advise that temperatures below 15 degrees are too cold for Guinea Pigs, and that they should be kept indoors. Therefore, if you choose to let your Guinea Pig live outside in the winter, you should make a few changes to his hutch and environment to keep him warm and happy.

Can guinea pigs die from being too cold?

Whereas you may hear that other pets can sometimes tolerate the cold; Guinea Pigs simply cannot, and when faced with an ill equipped hutch will genuinely freeze to death. Anything under 15 degrees is considered too cold for them and can increase the risk of stress, illness and death.

What temperature do guinea pigs like?

Guinea pigs are very sensitive to both heat and cold. Keep them in temperatures between 60 and 85 °F to avoid putting their health at risk.

Are my guinea pigs warm enough?

The ideal temperature for a guinea pig is between 18°C and 23°C. Anything over 26°C can cause them to dehydrate and get heatstroke, while anything under 15°C is too cold. They should also be sheltered from rain and wind as well as direct sunlight.

Do guinea pigs get cold easy?

Although they can tolerate a temperature drop of 10 degrees better than increasing temperatures, extreme changes can be dangerous for their health. So, to answer the question, yes, if the environment they live in and their body cools down too quickly, guinea pigs will get cold.

Do guinea pigs like warm or cold weather?

Your Guinea Pig’s Preferred Climate Some rodents, like ground squirrels or Eastern chipmunks, hibernate when the weather turns cold, but guinea pigs don’t. Instead, guinea pigs are most comfortable in air temperatures of about 65°F to 75°F. Anything below about 60°F is probably too cold for your pig.

Does my guinea pig have a cold?

It is certainly possible for your guinea pig to have a cold. If they are sneezing or have a runny nose then they could definitely have a cold. So you need to watch your guinea pigs carefully and look for the signs. The symptoms of a cold in a guinea pig are similar to those that a human will suffer.

What illnesses do guinea pigs normally get?

Stomach and digestion problems: A healthy guinea pig eats and poops normally.

  • Skin problems: Guinea pigs are susceptible to fungal infections. Some guinea pigs can be carriers,without showing symptoms themselves.
  • Parasites: Fleas,lice and mites commonly affect guinea pigs.
  • Do guinea pigs get stuffy noses?

    Respiratory disease is very, very common in guinea pigs. Upper respiratory disease can cause signs that look very similar to what people suffer when they have a cold. Eyes are runny and red, there is discharge from both nostrils, and they even sound stuffy . These signs can get worse if not treated.

    What are guinea pigs allergic to?

    Recently, it’s discovered that Guinea pigs can get a strong allergic reaction to pine bedding in the form of liver damage and itchy skin. Those two allergic reactions come from mites that live in the pine, and they can even bother people, not just animals. If you want high-quality bedding, you can still opt for hay.

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