How did Alija Izetbegovic die?

How did Alija Izetbegovic die?

Cardiovascular diseaseAlija Izetbegović / Cause of deathCardiovascular disease is a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels. CVD includes coronary artery diseases such as angina and myocardial infarction. Wikipedia

When did Alija Izetbegovic die?

October 19, 2003Alija Izetbegović / Date of death

Why did Bosnia have 3 presidents?

The Presidency in Bosnia and Herzegovina rotates every eight months among three members (Bosniak, Serb, Croat), each elected for a 4-year term. The three members of the Presidency are directly elected (the Federation votes for the Bosniak and Croat, and the Republika Srpska for the Serb).

Where was Alija Izetbegovic born and raised?

Alija Izetbegovic was born on Aug. 8, 1925, in Bosanski Samac, a town in northern Bosnia now under the control of Bosnian Serbs. His father was a bookkeeper. The family moved to Sarajevo in the 1930’s.

When did Alija Izetbegovic take his last breath?

After a life of difficulty, war, imprisonment, and activism, Alija Izetbegović ( rahimahu Allāh) took his final breath and returned to the mercy of Allāh on the 19 th of October 2003.

What did Alija Izetbegovic do in World War 2?

During World War II, Izetbegović joined an Islamic organization called the “Young Muslims” ( Mladi Muslimani ). When the “Young Muslims” became torn between supporting the largely Muslim Waffen-SS Handschar Division or the communist Yugoslav Partisans, some claim that Izetbegović joined the SS Handschar, despite a lack of evidence.

When did Alija Izetbegovic declare his independence?

The Bosnian Serbs had repeatedly warned of war if Mr. Izetbegovic declared independence. Gambling that international recognition would provide protection, he declared independence on April 6, 1992. A sense of mission clearly drove him.

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