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How do I create a TCL file in NS2?

How do I create a TCL file in NS2?

How to Run TCL File in Network Simulator 2

  1. Install NS2 and set the path.
  2. After Installing NS2, go the $prompt and run ns filename.
  3. after the previous statement automatically the .nam and .tr files will be created in the same folder (the tcl file should contain the provision of tracing the nam and trace file..

How do I run Nam?

Do the following:

  1. Create an output file.
  2. Activate the NAM trace feature in NS before running the simulation (this will tell NS to write NAM events outputs to the output file)
  3. Close output file at the end of the simulation run. Then you can run nam with the output file (as input file for nam)

What are the four files on the NS2 simulator?

The objective

  • This network consists of 4 nodes (n0, n1, n2, n3).
  • The duplex links between n0 and n2, and n1 and n2 have 2 Mbps of bandwidth and 10 ms of delay.
  • Each node uses a DropTail queue that has a maximum size of 10.

How do I run a tcl script in NS2?

How to Run Tcl Script in NS2

  1. System requirements. For install the NS-2.35 , we need the following minimum system requirements.
  2. TCL source code for main file.
  3. Open the terminal and verify the installed package.
  4. Change the location.
  5. Execute/run the main tcl file : using ns command.
  6. Get the simulation.
  7. Start the simulation.

What is tcl file in NS2?

A configuration file in NS2 is an OTCL file called “TCL Simulation script”. It also contains information about what we would like to simulate like node creation, also topology creation, setting up link etc. A TCL file is also an input configuration file for C++ file. To run the TCL file, use the command.

What is the command used to create a simulator object?

The simulator object has member functions which enables to create the nodes and define the links between them. The class simulator contains all the basic functions. Since ns was defined to handle the Simulator object, the command $ns is used for using the functions belonging to the simulator class.

Why do we use NS2 simulator?

Network Simulator 2 (NS2) provides substantial support for simulation of different protocols over wired and wireless networks. It provides a highly modular platform for wired and wireless simulations supporting different network elements, protocols, traffic, and routing types [20].

What is Namfile?

Data file used by Aqua3D, a program used for simulating underwater acoustic networks; saves data that initializes the network environment; includes the simulation space dimensions, node positions, signal transmission events; displays as a 3D environment in the software.

What is TCL in NS2?

TCL[Tool command language] is one of the major language for implementing Ns2. To be more specific, NS2 is implemented in C++ and OTCL[Object oriented extension of TCL]. C++ is used to program the internal mechanisms while OTCL is used for configuration.

How many layers are there in NS2?

NS2 has two main transport- layer agents: TCP and UDP agents.

What is the command used to create a Simulator object?

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