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How do you calculate the multiplying factor of a wattmeter?

How do you calculate the multiplying factor of a wattmeter?

for finding the multiple factor of wattmeter Step3: The Multiplication Factor (MF) is: MF = (voltage range x current range x power factor)/(range of the wattmeter scale)…

What do you mean by multiplying factor of a wattmeter and how it is calculated?

Multiplication factor for a wattmeter is that parameter by virtue of which you can use small scaled wattmeter to get the power readings upto Multiplication factor times(multiplied) the smallest scale possible for the given wattmeter .It allows you to measure power upto 4–6 times the power a wattmeter can measure for …

What is multiplication factor in electricity bill?

It is the factor that is used to multiply the reading of the energy meter to get the actual energy consumption. If the M.F is 10, and the energy meter reading difference (the difference is used because energy meter reading is cumulative) is 45 for a period. The actual energy used for the period is 45×10 = 450 KWH.

What is multiplying factor in electric meter?

Multiplication Factor = (External CT Ratio x External PT Ratio) / (Meter CT Ratio x Meter PT Ratio) You can find the meter CT and PT ratio in the manufacturer manual. Usually both the ratios are 1.

What is meant by the multiplying factor MF of a voltmeter?

The term V/Vm is called Multiplying Factor of Voltmeter. Multiplying Factor is basically the value by which the range of voltmeter can be extended. Thus from the above example we observe that, to measure a voltage of 10 V (40 times greater than designed voltage) we need to connect a series resistance of 975 Ohm.

What is multiplying factor in Bill?

To arrive at actual consumption of customer, consumption registered by meter is multiplied by proportionality factor which is called Multiplying factor or MF. The ratio for CT & VT for a particular customer is designed in accordance with customer’s load requirement and load pattern.

What is the multiplication factor in watt-meter?

What is the multiplication factor in watt-meter? wattmeter is constructed such that it read only power on a single scale. Only single scale will avilable to read the measured power. In order to take the acuurate reading just we measure the reading and we will multiple along with factor called multificaion factor.

How is the power factor of an energy meter calculated?

Per phase power calculated by the Energy Meter assuming power factor to be unity = 3×63.5 Watt = 190.5 Watt Energy Meter displays the cumulative energy imported / exported in Wh. Hence, energy displayed by meter assuming 190.5 Watt of power is supplied for 1 hour

When do you use multiplication factor in measurement?

Sometimes, when you want to measure a quantity which has a very large magnitude than the range of the instruments that you’re using, multiplication factor comes into the picture. It especially is the case, when you use the analog instruments of measurement. You’re provided the multiplication factor of an instrument with it.

What is a wattmeter and what is its construction?

A wattmeter is an electrical instrument which is used to measure the electric power (in watts) of any electrical circuit. It consists of two coils i.e. pressure coil (parallel) and current coil (series).

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