How do you say leader in Cree?

How do you say leader in Cree?

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  1. okimâwiw ᐅᑭᒫᐃᐧᐤ VAI s/he is a chief, leader, head person, boss; he is the master (CW)
  2. okimâwiw pl.
  3. okimâwiw ᐅᑭᒫᐃᐧᐤ VAI s/he is boss (EC)
  4. okimawiw ᐅᑭᒪᐃᐧᐤ VP He is the chief or master. (
  5. okimâwiwin ᐅᑭᒫᐃᐧᐃᐧᐣ NI the act of being boss (EC)

What is Chief Cree?

1: nitôkimâm “my chief”

What does Awas mean in Cree?

Go away
awas! Go away! (most dialects) – Cree Literacy Network.

How do you say Grandpa in Cree?


  1. nimosôm – my grandfather (NI-mo-soom)
  2. kimosôm – your grandfather (NI-mo-soom)

Is chief an Indigenous word?

Definition: Chief (n.) Namely that “chief” is a European title. As explained in the definition above, the term was applied to American Indians. It is not an Indigenous word.

What does Ekosi mean in Cree?

that’s it
ekosi ᐁᑯᓯ IPC it is true, thus, that’s it, true, amen (EC)

Is there a dictionary for the Cree language?

The Cree Language Resource Project (CLRP) dictionary will have the ability to translate words from English to Cree in Syllabics and Roman Orthography (Cree written in English) with explanation of how it fits in a sentence. The translated word will be associated with a picture, sound and a video clip.

How is the word wind pronounced in Cree?

So the word for “wind” is pronounced lôtin in Moose Cree but yôtin in Plains Cree, nôtin in Swampy Cree, and thôtin in Northern Cree. Also, speakers further to the west pronounced s instead of sh , and speakers to the east and north pronounce î or â instead of e .

Which is the correct way to say pahpowin in Cree?

So pâhpowin is pronounced [ pa:hpw i n] by some speakers and [ pa:fpw i n] by others. This is the rarest of the four. Not all Cree speakers pronounce their h’s this way, and you don’t have to use these pronunciations yourself, but it’s good to be aware of them.

Is the letter H always pronounced the same way in Cree?

Since the same consonant is always pronounced the same way in the same position, you can never make an error with voicing that could confuse a Cree word’s meaning. The worst it can do is make your accent sound bad. In Cree, unlike in English, the letter h is pronounced before a consonant as well as between vowels.

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