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How do you use sprang in a sentence?

How do you use sprang in a sentence?

1) Touching something soft, I sprang quickly back. 2) He sprang up from the sofa. 3) He sprang up and rushed to the door. 4) Suddenly a rabbit sprang out of its cave.

What does sprang mean in British slang?

British Dictionary definitions for sprang sprang. / (spræŋ) / verb. the past tense of spring.

What is the correct meaning of the word sprang?

v. sprang or, often, sprung; sprung; spring•ing; v.i. 1. to rise, leap, or move suddenly and swiftly: a tiger about to spring. 2. to be released suddenly from a constrained position: The door sprang open. 3. to issue forth suddenly or forcefully: Oil sprang from the well.

What does sprang up mean?

to come to one’s attention especially gradually or unexpectedly. a new issue sprang up at yesterday’s meeting of the school board.

How do you use prosaic in a sentence?

Prosaic sentence example

  1. There is some poetry in this composition, but it alternates with very prosaic details.
  2. On his return to France, a sadder and practically a wiser man, he settled down to very prosaic work.
  3. A very prosaic explanation of this nocturnal noise is given by Judson.

How do you use vivid in a sentence?

Examples of vivid in a Sentence He gave a vivid description of the scene. The book includes many vivid illustrations. The dream was very vivid. She could remember the dream in vivid detail.

What is the past tense of the word sprang?

Sprang is the past tense: Beads of sweat sprang from his skin. Sprung is the past participle: Beads of sweat have sprung from his skin.

Which is the correct form sprang or sprung?

Beads of sweat sprang from his skin. Beads of sweat have sprung from his skin. Some dictionaries list sprung as an acceptable past form as well, but others list only sprang. Reverso Conjugator gives lists of the commonly accepted conjugations of [to] spring, if you’re interested.

Which is the correct word sprang or ahdel?

Sprang is the usual choice for the past tense, but as AHDEL and RHK Webster’s state, sprung is an acceptable alternative. I think Collins tries to say the same thing. There are some authorities who think that AHDEL and RHK Webster’s are wrong here. – Edwin Ashworth May 5 ’15 at 16:10

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