How many people live in derrygonnelly?

How many people live in derrygonnelly?


Derrygonnelly Scots: Derrygonlie Irish: Doire Ó gConaíle
Derrygonnelly Location within Northern Ireland
Population 680 (2011 Census)
Irish grid reference H1215
• Belfast 76 mi (122 km)

What is the county town of Fermanagh?

The county town, Enniskillen, is the largest settlement in Fermanagh, situated in the middle of the county.

What are the main towns in Fermanagh?

Fermanagh Main Towns

  • Belcoo. Situated on Lough Macnean Lower is Belcoo.
  • Bellanaleck. In the heart of the Fermanagh Lakelands is Bellanaleck.
  • Belleek.
  • Derrygonnelly.
  • Drumskinny.
  • Enniskillen.
  • Florencecourt.
  • Garrison.

What is the population of Enniskillen?


Enniskillen Scots: Inniskillin Irish: Inis Ceithleann
Enniskillen Location within Northern Ireland
Population 13,823 (2011 Census)
Irish grid reference H240440
• Belfast 88 miles (142 km)

Where is Derrygonnelly village in Northern Ireland?

Derrygonnelly (from Irish: Doire Ó gConaíle, meaning ‘O’Connelly’s oak grove’) is a small village and townland in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Near Lower Lough Erne, the village was home to 680 people at the 2011 Census and dates to the Plantation era. It is situated within Fermanagh and Omagh district.

Is there a church in Derrygonnelly in Fermanagh?

Just north of the village is a small ruined church that combines medieval and Renaissance features, built in 1627 by Sir John Dunbar. His arms are over the doorway. As well as Lower Lough Erne to the north, Derrygonnelly is surrounded by small lakes and the Sillees River, which is popular with Canoeists.

How did Derrygonnelly get its name Ulsterbus?

Ulsterbus route 59 provides several journeys a day to/from Enniskillen via Monea and The Graan. There is no Sunday service. Derrygonnelly is of ancient origin taking its name from doire or grove of the O’Connelly’s it was a site of inauguration for Irish kings.

Where are the ruins of Carrick Church Derrygonnelly?

The old creamery in Derrygonnelly has been converted into a residential environmental education centre, Tir Navar, run by the Field Studies Council. Approximately one mile to the northwest of the village are the ruins of Carrick Church; built by Gilbert O’Flanagan in 1483 “In Honour of God and Mary”.

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