How OKD is Amy Smart?

How OKD is Amy Smart?

Amy is 44 years old. She was born on March 26, 1976.

When was Amy Smart born?

March 26, 1976 (age 45 years)
Amy Smart/Date of birth

What does Amy Smart play in?

She appeared as Eve in Crank with Jason Statham as well as its sequel Crank: High Voltage. She appeared in a recurring role on the hit sitcom Scrubs as JD’s (Zach Braff) girlfriend. She has appeared in other good TV series such as Shameless and Justified. Amy Smart has also appeared in her share of stinkers.

Is Amy Smart related to Elizabeth Smart?

Amy wears shoe size 8.5 (US). Smart is a common English surname. Other celebrities with the same last name include English actress Tamara Valerie Smart, child kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart, and Olympic fencer Keeth Thomas Smart. Although Jean is old enough to be Amy’s mother, they are not related.

How tall is Amy Smart in feet?

5′ 6″
Amy Smart/Height

Who are Amy Smart parents?

Judy Lysle Carrington
John Boden Smart
Amy Smart/Parents

Who is Ed smarts partner?

Lois Smartm. 1986–2019
Ed Smart/Spouse

Who is Paul Flores Kristin Smart?

Paul Flores is the last person known to have seen then-19-year-old Smart alive after walking her back from a party toward the Cal Poly campus dorms on May 24, 1996. San Luis Obispo County officials have previously said that Flores killed Smart during a rape or attempted rape.

What did Ed Smart do for a living?

Ed Smart is the owner of a real estate and mortgage company based in Salt Lake City. He graduated from George Washington University with a BBA in Finance and an MBA with an emphasis in Urban Planning. He and his wife Lois reside in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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