How old is Dave Myers?

How old is Dave Myers?

64 years (September 8, 1957)
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Is Simon King the wildlife photographer married?

He is known for his work on The Blue Planet (2001), Predators (2000) and Planet Earth (2006). He is married to Marguerite Smits van Oyen. They have one child.

How old is Simon King’s daughter Savannah?

Simon, his wife Marguerite and two-year-old daughter Savannah settle into a remote cottage, but the winter weather and winds of over 100mph make life tough for them.

Where is Simon King now?

Simon is President of the Kenneth Allsop Memorial Trust that owns and manages Steep Holm Island in the Bristol Channel.

Who is Si King’s partner?

Dave Myers
Personal life In September 2017, along with his ‘Hairy Bikers’ partner Dave Myers he was initiated into the showbusiness charity the Grand Order of Water Rats.

Who is Simon Kings father?

About Simon Simon King Wildlife Shop Simon King was born on the 27th of December 1962 in Nairobi, Kenya. His father John King was at that time working for FBO (Forces Broadcasting Overseas) but he later went on to become a respected producer/director for BBC television.

Who is Simon’s kings wife?

Marguerite Smits van Oyen
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Who is Simon King’s partner?

Simon King/Spouse

King has three children from his first marriage: Alexander (born 1986), Romy (born 1989) and Greer (born 1995) and one daughter from his second marriage, Savannah (born in August 2006), to his second wife Marguerite Smits van Oyen.

Who is Simon King and what does he do?

Simon King (broadcaster) Simon Henry King OBE HonFRPS (born 27 December 1962) is a British naturalist, author, conservationist, television presenter and cameraman, specialising in nature documentaries.

How old was Simon King when his parents separated?

King’s parents separated when he was nine years old, and thereafter he lived with his mother and elder sister, Debbie. King attended Henbury School from 1974 to 1979. He began his career as a child actor at the age of ten in such television films as The Fox (1973) and Secret Place (1974).

Where was Simon King born and raised in Kenya?

King was born in Nairobi, Kenya to parents John King and Eve King (née Shulman), where King’s father worked with the British Forces Broadcasting Service in Nairobi.

Who is Si King of the Hairy Bikers?

Si King. Simon James King (born 20 October 1966) is an English television presenter, best known as one half of the Hairy Bikers with Dave Myers. Together they have presented a number of television cookery series for BBC television and have since launched an online weight loss programme, ‘The Hairy Bikers Diet Club’.

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