How old is Janis Paige?

How old is Janis Paige?

99 years (September 16, 1922)
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Was Janis Paige in All in the Family?

Ray Gilbert
Arthur StanderFrank Martinelli, Jr.
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Who played Denise in All in the Family?

Janis Paige
She appeared as Denise, a lovely divorcee who briefly woos Archie in the Season 7 episodes “Archie’s Brief Encounter (Parts 1 & 2)” and “Archie’s Brief Encounter (Part 3)”….

Janis Paige
Series: All In The Family
Episodes appeared in: 4 episodes in seasons 7 & 9
Character played: Denise

How tall is Janis Paige?

5′ 5″
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Did Archie Bunker cheat?

The concept of Archie cheating was originally conceived in the fourth season with Archie having an affair with Irene Lorenzo. The title is from the movie Brief Encounter (1945). This was originally an hour-long episode, but broken up into two parts for syndication. As a result, the Stivics don’t appear in part one.

How old is Stephanie from All in the Family?

Widely considered one of the best shows in television history, it gained popularity for its willingness to touch on topics previously considered too taboo for TV: racism, homosexuality, religion, infidelity, and more.

How was Stephanie related to Archie Bunker?

Character background Stephanie was introduced in the All in the Family’s ninth-season premiere as the 9-year-old niece of Archie and Edith Bunker (although she was actually the daughter of Edith’s step-cousin). Eventually, Stephanie wins over Archie, and he grows to love her as his own daughter.

Who was Janis Paige married to?

Ray Gilbertm. 1962–1976
Arthur Standerm. 1956–1957Frank Martinelli, Jr.m. 1947–1951
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How old is the actress Marsha Hunt?

104 years (October 17, 1917)
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How old was Janis Paige when she started singing?

Janis Paige (born Donna Mae Tjaden; September 16, 1922) is an American actress and singer. Paige is one of the oldest living and last surviving stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood . Paige was born Donna Mae Tjaden in Tacoma, Washington, and began singing in public at age five in local amateur shows.

Who is the actress with the first name Paige?

Janis Paige (born Donna Mae Tjaden; September 16, 1922) is an American film, musical theatre and television actress.

What was life like for Janis Paige in the 1920s?

Janis Paige was born in 1920s. The 1920s represented an era of change and growth. The decade was one of learning and exploration. The economic boom and the Jazz Age were over, and America began the period called the Great Depression.

How many times has Janis Paige been married?

Paige has been married three times. She married Frank Louis Martinelli Jr., a restaurateur, in 1947; they divorced in 1951. She married Arthur Stander, television writer and creator of It’s Always Jan, in 1956 and divorced him in 1957.

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