Is it bug off or bog off?

Is it bug off or bog off?

Also, bugger off. Go away, as in Bug off before I call the police. Both terms are often used as an imperative, as in the example, and the variant is heard more in Britain than in America.

Where did the term bog off come from?

Etymology. Shortening and euphemistic alteration from bugger off.

What does bog off mean in England?

go away
bog off in British English go away! verbWord forms: bogs, bogging or bogged. 2. ( intr, adverb) to go away.

What does bogged out mean?

The term “bog out” refers to something being bogus/wrong/fake/gross. So when someone says there were “bogged out” or “you are bogging me out”, it means that they are providing bogus information or saying something gross.

Is bog off a real word?

bog off in British English 1. go away!

Who said bog off?

If you’re confused, “bog off” is one of Beaker’s most used phrases. During her adventures in the care home she calls “the dumping ground”, she’s been known to shout this phrase at just about anyone who crosses her – especially her nemesis Justine Littlewood.

What does bog yourself down mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbog somebody/something ↔ down phrasal verb1 if a process or plan becomes bogged down, it is delayed so that no progress is made Talks to settle the pay dispute have become bogged down. be/get bogged down in something Don’t let yourself get bogged down in minor details.

Do not get bogged down?

to get bogged down with something in British English Don’t get bogged down with too much fine detail. Sometimes this fact is obscured because churches get so bogged down by unimportant rules.

What does hogged up mean?

Hogging is defined as taking or keeping too much for yourself and not sharing. When you steal all of the blankets on your bed and leave your spouse with nothing, this is an example of a time when you are hogging the blankets. verb.

What is bogging in a car?

Bogging down is when you’re not using enough revs and the grip causes the revs to drop on the start line.

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