Is Jaden or Willow older?

Is Jaden or Willow older?

Early life. Jaden Smith was born July 8, 1998 in Malibu, California, the son of actors Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. He has an older half-brother, Trey Smith (born 1992) and a younger sister, Willow Smith (born 2000).

Who was born first Jaden or Willow?

Willow Smith was born on October 31, 2000 in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of actress-musician Jada Pinkett Smith and actor-musician Will Smith. She has two older siblings: her brother Jaden Smith, an actor and musician, and her half-brother Willard Carroll “Trey” Smith III, an actor and DJ.

How old is Willow Smith this year?

21 years (October 31, 2000)
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Who are the parents of willow and Jaden Smith?

Willow and Jaden Smith, the daughter and son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, are one of Hollywood’s most high-profile pair of siblings. The two are known for delving into philosophical concepts in their press interviews, as well as saying things that no one else could possibly expect or anticipate.

Why do Willow and Jaden want to change the world?

That calling to project positive change into the world isn’t limited to one thing, either — Willow and Jaden Smith want to soak every aspect of their lives in good energy. “I feel like that enters into all types of different areas because there are so many different outlets that life has to offer for us,” he continued.

Is it true that Jaden and Willow Smith never work together?

That doesn’t mean Jaden and Willow never work together on musical projects, though. For one, they already went on tour together in 2019, and they shared the stage at Coachella earlier that year as well. As for what the siblings might do together in the future?

When does life in a year with Jaden Smith come out?

Smith will also act in the 2018 film Life in a Year alongside Cara Delevingne. On 21 June 2018, Crystal Moselle’s Skate Kitchen released its first official trailer showcasing Smith as the main character. The film was officially released on August 10, 2018 after being showcased at Sundance in Winter 2017.

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