Is there an abbreviation for person?

Is there an abbreviation for person?

person; Abbreviation of person.

What is the abbreviation for someone?

Meaning of sb in English sb. written abbreviation for somebody or someone.

What is PPL full form?

What is the full form of PPL? The full form of PPL is Pay Per Lead.

What does PPL mean on text?

PPL means “People.”

What is ppl in texting?

Overall, the acronym PPL means a shorthand slang word for the word “people.” You will see this term used all over the internet on social media sites as well as in text messages.

What does PLL mean in a text?

The abbreviation PLL means “Pretty Little Liars,” “Permute Last Layer,” and “Phase-Locked Loop.”

What does PPL mean in TikTok?

“People” is the most common definition for PPL on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. PPL. Definition: People.

What does Ppls mean?


Acronym Definition
PPLS Plano Public Library System (Plano, TX)
PPLS Provincial Pharmacy Locum Services (UK)
PPLS Principles and Practice of Land Surveying (examination)
PPLS Project Portfolio Life Span (project management)

What are other words for people?

people(n.) Synonyms: population, folks, persons, the public, the community, the bulk of mankind. people(n.) Synonyms: commonalty, populace, CANAILLE, rabble, mob, the vulgar, vulgar herd, lower classes, humbler classes, the multitude, the million, the peasantry, the masses.

What is the abbreviation for personal?

Summary: Personal Abbreviation. There are two common abbreviations of personal: per. and prsn. Contents. 1 When to Use This Abbreviation.

What is the abbreviation for personal name?

PN stands for Personal Name. Abbreviation is mostly used in categories:Technology Computing Language Hosting Book

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