What comes after DBZ Kai?

What comes after DBZ Kai?

Dragon Ball Z or Kai, until the end of the Frieza Saga. Dragon Ball Z, from the end of the Frieza Saga until the end of the Cell saga. Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks (TV special) Dragon Ball Z, all remaining episodes.

What should I watch first Dragon Ball Z or Kai?

For certain, DBZ has its flaws. It is plagued by fillers, inconsistent dubbing, script changes, and a slightly lower resolution. However, It would be advisable to watch DBZ first, before watching its more modern, originalist version: Dragon Ball Kai. Dragon Ball Kai – the modern release of DBZ, without any fillers.

Is Dragon Ball Z Kai finished?

Dragon Ball Z Kai, “The Final Chapters” promotional image The series returned with the 69 Majin Buu Saga episodes in 2014 in Europe, carrying the sub-title “The Final Chapters”. The series fully completed its U.S. run on June 23, 2018.

How many episodes does Kai have?

Dragon Ball Z Kai/Number of episodes

Is there a TV series after Dragon Ball Z?

There is the original Dragon Ball TV series before that (153 episodes); keep in mind that the manga was simply called Dragon Ball beginning to end, so to watch the equivalent material, you need to watch Dragon Ball AND Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT is an anime-only continuation that takes place after the manga series. It ran for 64 episodes.

Is there going to be a Dragon Ball Kai manga?

There is no Dragon Ball Kai manga. Dragon Ball Kai was a “refreshed” version of the actual/original Dragon Ball Z TV series (touched up colors, material edited down to remove “filler” added to pad it each week, etc.).

Is there a Dragon Ball GT after Dragon Ball Z?

(3.) Dragon Ball GT comes after Dragon Ball Z. But it’s mostly not work of original creator like all versions before were. It’s “Non-canon”. It has it’s own story that doesn’t connect with things after (2 movies, and new series). (This “IMDB version” stands for both Japanese and English).

Is the anime Dragon Ball Z based on a manga?

Dragon Ball Z is an Anime based on the Chinese Manga “Journey To The West”. The Manga was combined with modern martial arts and a new story by Akira Toriyama that gave Dragon Ball Z a new shape. Over the years the Anime has become a massive saga of films and series.

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