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What did Cobb and Co do?

What did Cobb and Co do?

In its hey-day, Cobb & Co. coaches provided a vital transportation link between regional towns, carrying passengers and the mail. Cobb & Co. was founded in 1853 and was well established in Victoria and New South Wales before the decision was made to extend to Queensland in 1865.

What is the Cobb and Co railway?

Cobb & Co created a web of tracks from Normanton on the Gulf of Carpentaria and Port Douglas on the Coral Sea down to the furthest reaches of Victoria and South Australia – in all, a continuous line of 2000 miles (3200km) of track over eastern Australia from south to north, with a total of 7000 miles (11,200km) of …

Is Cobb and Co Australian?

Cobb & Co has become an established part of Australian folklore commemorated in art, literature and on screen. Today the name is used by a number of Australian bus operators.

Who was involved in Cobb & Co?

1. Cobb & Co was founded by Freeman Cobb with partners John Peck, James Swanton and John Lamber. Cobb only stayed in Australia for three years before returning to his home in America but the stagecoach service continued to bear his name.

When did Cobb Co start?

1853, Melbourne, Australia
Cobb & Co/Founded

In which year did the first Cobb and Co coach service run to the Otago Goldfields?

11 October 1861 One week later, the first ‘Cobb & Co Telegraphic Line of Coaches’ service began a new era in New Zealand transport. New Zealand was crying out for a public transport network. Although it was not the first coach service in the colony, Cobb & Co. quickly became the biggest.

Where are Cobb and Co clocks made?

Cobb & Co. Clocks Australia Pty. Ltd is a value driven, high quality clock manufacturer operating in Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia supplying major Department Stores, Jewellers, Gift Shops and Furniture Stores. We are famous for creating wooden clocks, made from polished wood, shinning brass, beauty and prestige.

Is there still gold in New Zealand?

New Zealand has three main goldfields and each has its own geology. In Otago (and Marlborough) gold is found in quartz veins in schist and in river gravels which have weathered from schist. Although gold has never been mined there, it occurs in the Taupō Volcanic Zone in geothermal deposits.

Who first discovered gold in New Zealand?

Charles Ring
The first recorded discovery of gold in New Zealand was by Charles Ring, a Tasmanian who found a small amount at Driving Creek near the town of Coromandel in 1852. Some years later there were more discoveries around Golden Bay and Marlborough, Otago and on the West Coast.

What did Cobb and co do for a living?

[Cobb & Co. coach and horses outside Harcourt, Warburton, Victoria], H94.30/7 Their business proved so successful that routes were expanded across Victoria. They transported not only passengers around the state, but also prisoners, VIPs, and the mail. Their services to the goldfields were particularly popular.

When did Freeman Cobb discover gold in Victoria?

Freeman Cobb When gold was discovered in Victoria in the 1850s people from all over the world rushed to the ‘diggings’ and mining settlements sprang up over night. These new towns needed fast and reliable transport.

When did the first Cobb and co coach leave Melbourne?

The company’s first passenger coach left Melbourne for Forest Creek (now Castlemaine) and Bendigo on 30 January 1854; the list of routes was expanded shortly thereafter to link the newer goldfields and settlements with the Victorian capital.

What kind of coach did Cobb and co use?

The 598 kilometre Cobb Highway in western New South Wales commemorates Cobb & Co. Only one Concord or “Jack” coach of the type imported from the United States by Cobb & Co in the 1850s and 1860s survives.

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