What did the hohokams live in?

What did the hohokams live in?

During the Pioneer Period the Hohokam lived in villages composed of widely scattered, individually built structures of wood, brush, and clay, each built over a shallow pit. They depended on the cultivation of corn (maize), supplemented by the gathering of wild beans and fruits and some hunting.

What artifacts are the Hohokam?

The Hohokam. Beneath the creosote and cactus around the Desert Museum, battered stones, sharp-edged pieces of rock, stones for grinding, and fragments of pottery can be found. The Hohokam left these artifacts at the site over 600 years ago.

What kind of tools did the Hohokam Indians use?

Hohokam craftsmen produced a wide array of artifacts made from stone, bone, shell and clay. Stone was chipped into cutting tools with sharp edges or hammered into other shapes. Stone bowls sported a variety of motifs including rattlesnakes, frogs, and lizards.

What kind of pottery did the Hohokam make?

The art of making ceramics was highly advanced in the Hohokam culture. Using different firing techniques and paints hey made jars and bowls of different styles and colors. Archaeologists once thought that each Hohokam village produced the bowls, jars and scoops that it needed.

What was the setting for the Hohokam rock art?

Here, petroglyphs of various animal and human forms encircle a spring. The setting provides a panorama of the Salt River Valley, where dozens of Hohokam villages and hundreds of miles of hand-dug canals lie under the asphalt of metropolitan Phoenix.

Is the Hohokam rock art a diagnostic artifact?

Because of the difficulty of interpreting rock art, its value as a diagnostic artifact has been limited. A recent study of Hohokam rock art addressed this problem by taking the unusual approach of focusing on the images’ surroundings as well as the images themselves. Certain places in the South Mountains captured the attention of Hohokam artisans.

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