What do potions do in Marapets?

What do potions do in Marapets?

A potion is an item which you can use to transform your pet into another species and/or color. These are available from the Potions Shop and Account Upgrades. You can also find some in the Auctions and Item Trades.

How do you feed a Marapet?

Q: My pet is hungry; how do I feed it? A: If your pet is hungry you should feed them foods that you can buy in the shops. Buy the item, go to your inventory, click on the item, and “use” it. There are many places where you can find food for your pets!

How do you get zombie pet Marapets?

Putting this costume on a marapet will make it turn into a zombie! Marapets can go to the Gate of the Graveyard if they are neglected and become a Zombie if one pays the 50,000MP fine or waits 14 days for a said pet to die and move to the Graveyard for another Maradan to take.

How do you use marapets in the games room?

Within the Games Room is a countdown for when can use them again. You can tick and untick which ones you would like to receive reminders or notifications for. The MaraPets missions are somewhat different from the other pet sites’ missions. Some require books, CDs, or instruments to be taught to your pets.

How can I Change my Pet’s colour in Minecraft?

Using an Enchanted Plushie or Potion will change your pet to a specific species and colour. A Costume will change your pet to a specific colour and a Fake Costume will only add the specific colour transformation to your pet’s collection, without changing the pet’s colour.

How to create a new pet page on marapedia?

To create a new pet page, click on the existing red link, type this into the page { {Subst:Marapet}}, and then save. As you can see, you have activated the pet template!

How many pets can you have on marapets?

Description: Pets are an important part of the MaraPets game. You cannot even play without owning one pet. Each person can own up to 13 pets without Extra Pet Giftboxes. Pets on this virtual pet site are just like the pets you would find offline – you have a responsibility to take care of them.

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