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What does Alex Gerrard do now?

What does Alex Gerrard do now?

On the 4th of May, 2018, Gerrard signed with Rangers Football Club as their next manager after a tough few seasons. While the doting dad-of-four made the move to Govan, his wife and children stayed put in Merseyside.

What is Steven Gerrards daughters name?

Lexie Gerrard
Lilly-Ella GerrardLourdes Gerrard
Steven Gerrard/Daughters

What is Steven Gerrards sons name?

Lio Gerrard
Steven Gerrard/Sons

What age did Jamie Carragher retire?

Jamie Carragher reveals he quit football aged 35 because he feared EMBARRASSING himself and Liverpool as he declined late in his career… and says he knew for two years before his retirement that he wanted out.

When did Alex Gerrard and Steven Gerrard get married?

Whilst Alex is a successful model and fashion critic, she also juggles raising four children with football manager husband Steven. The pair have been going from strength to strength since they became a couple in 2002 – marrying in a romantic ceremony in Cliveden House in Buckinghamshire in June 2007.

What did Steven Gerrard do for a living?

Steven is best known for playing for Liverpool and captaining the England squad, and recently looked back at his time in the sport during an interview with The Daily Mail. He recalled the moment he was pushed to retire as his body could not longer keep up with the demands of playing for Los Angeles.

Why does Steven Gerrard want to quit football?

FAMILY MAN Steven Gerrard admits his wife Alex would love to see him quit football management and escape its pressures. Gerrard, 40, took over at Rangers more than two years ago but is building a team capable of winning the Scottish Premiership.

What kind of clothes did Alex Gerrard wear?

Alex cut a casual figure in a pair of blue camouflage gym leggings as she teased a glimpse of her washboard abs with a cropped white T-shirt. The Liverpudlian beauty finished her look with a pair of blue trainers, a grey crocodile patterned handbag, black sunglasses and a diamond necklace.

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