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What does corporate travel management do?

What does corporate travel management do?

Corporate travel management is a company’s structure to facilitate business travel. This includes planning a business trip, organising a corporate event, or any other necessary task for the corporate traveller. Ensuring the process is handled properly and according to compliance is the job of corporate travel agents.

What are the three principal services of travel management company?

The role of most agencies has been diversified into a series of services that can be divided into six main areas:

  1. 1) Travel Management.
  2. 2) Passenger assistance.
  3. 3) Consulting.
  4. 4) Marketing and internal communication.
  5. 5) Technology.
  6. 6) Leisure Services.

What is a corporate travel agency?

A TMC will manage an organization’s corporate or business travel program. They will often provide an online booking tool, mobile application, program management and consulting teams, executive travel services, meetings and events support, reporting functionality, and potentially others.

Why is corporate travel management important?

Corporate travel management is crucial for businesses as it organizes travel and expenses, which are often a company’s second-highest expenditure, behind employee salaries. Travel expenses go above and beyond flights and hotels to include meals, client gifts, tips, in-destination transport and much more.

Is corporate travel management part of flight Centre?

As part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, Corporate Traveller is proud to champion social responsibility and to bring our Brighter Futures’ initiative to life where we work, live and travel.

What is corporate travel managers and agencies?

What is corporate travel management? Travel management is the process of controlling, tracking and reporting on a company’s travel-related expenses. Business travel can be managed by external corporate travel agencies, an in-house travel manager or by an admin professional, such as those charged with office management.

How much does a corporate travel agent make?

Corporate Travel Agent Salaries

Job Title Salary
Flight Centre Travel Group Corporate Travel Agent salaries – 2 salaries reported $41,500/yr
CWT Corporate Travel Agent salaries – 2 salaries reported $57,115/yr
Kodari Securities Corporate Travel Agent salaries – 1 salaries reported $50,000/yr

What are the types of corporate travelers?

The survey classified business travelers into five categories:

  • The Veteran. A third of today’s travelers are Veterans, the most experienced traveler, who averages about 12 trips per year and spends about four nights away from home per trip.
  • Road Weary.
  • Wide-eyed and Anxious.
  • Passionate High-Tech.
  • New Recruits.

What is a corporate travel management company?

Corporate travel management (CTM) is the function of managing a company’s strategic approach to travel (travel policy), the negotiations with all vendors, day-to-day operation of the corporate travel program, traveler safety and security, credit-card management and travel and expenses (‘T&E’) data management.

What are corporate travel agencies?

A corporate travel agent provides travel advice, research, and booking services to business clients. These travel agents assist corporate executives and employees in making business travel plans in accordance with corporate policies regarding travel, as well as ensuring that business travel is completed in…

What is travel management software?

Travel management software provides users with a platform for planning, purchasing, and recording travel expenses.

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