What does rim of a cup mean?

What does rim of a cup mean?

The rim of a container such as a cup or glass is the edge that goes all the way around the top.

What is rim in our body?

(rim) A margin, border, or edge, usually circular in form.

What does rims stand for?


Acronym Definition
RIMS Response Information Management System
RIMS Regional Input-Output Modeling System
RIMS Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Stations
RIMS Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Where does the word rim come from?

You can also use the word rim for the circle at the top of a basketball hoop. There’s also the rim of a wheel — the part the tire is attached to — and the rim of your eyeglasses. Rim comes from the Old English rima, “edge,” which appears in the Old English word særima, “seashore,” or “rim of the sea.”

What does the acronym rim mean?


Acronym Definition
RIM Research in Motion
RIM Registry Information Model
RIM Resource Information Model
RIM Reference Information Manager

What does rim stand for in medical terms?

The Reference Information Model (RIM) is an information model for health care data developed by Health Level 7 International (HL7).

What is the synonym of rim?

In this page you can discover 50 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rim, like: brim, border, edge, verge, brink, felly (rim of awheel), lip, margin, line, outline and band.

What has a rim around it?

A rim is an edge. The rim of a mug is where you put your mouth to drink hot chocolate, and the rim holding a basketball net is where you’re aiming when you shoot the ball. People often use the word rim for the lip of a cup or bowl. You can also use the word rim for the circle at the top of a basketball hoop.

What does RIM stand for in service?

Records information management (RIM) is a corporate area of endeavor involving the administration of all business records throughout their life cycle.

What does RIM stand for in medical terms?

What is the kids definition of a rim?

Kids Definition of rim (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : an outer edge especially of something curved the rim of a plate 2 : the part of a wheel that the tire is mounted on

What does rim mean on a golf ball?

to furnish with a rim, border, or margin. (of a golf ball or putt) to roll around the edge of (a hole) but not go in.

What does the word rim mean in basketball?

rim(noun) the shape of a raised edge of a more or less circular object. rim(noun) (basketball) the hoop from which the net is suspended. “the ball hit the rim and bounced off”.

Which is the best definition of the word Rimmer?

Definition of rimmer (Entry 1 of 2) : one that rims: such as a : an implement for cutting, trimming, or ornamenting the rim of something

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