What does Romeo say to the Nurse?

What does Romeo say to the Nurse?

ROMEO 175Nurse, commend me to thy lady and mistress. NURSE Good heart, and i’ faith I will tell her as much. Lord, Lord, she will be a joyful woman.

What is Mercutio’s reaction to the Nurse?

Mercutio’s insulting, demeaning treatment of the Nurse reveals his extremely low opinion of her. Mercutio recognizes that she is not considered nobility and takes pleasure in upsetting her. After Mercutio leaves the scene, Romeo tells the Nurse that Mercutio is simply a gentleman who loves to hear himself talk.

What concern does the nurse Express to Romeo and what does Romeo say that reassures the nurse?

She first warns Romeo not to “lead her(Juliet) into a fool’s paradise”; essentially, she tells him not to lead her on, or play around with her. She makes it clear that she thinks Juliet is too young, and thus if Romeo “deal[s] double with her”, it will be a great wrong on his part.

How does Romeo describe Mercutio to the Nurse?

Romeo attempts to smooth things over, dismissing Mercutio as “A gentleman, nurse, that loves to hear himself talk, and will speak more in a minute than he will stand to in a month.”

How does Mercutio tease Romeo?

Mercutio teases Romeo by insinuating that he has been away all night having sex with Rosaline. He says to Romeo that “a case as yours constrains a man to bow in the hams.” In other words, a distraction like Rosaline has, Mercutio implies, caused Romeo to flex his buttocks in the act of sexual intercourse.

What is Romeo’s reaction to hearing Mercutio’s remarks?

What is significant about Mercutio’s remarks to Romeo in scene one in Romeo’s response and scene two? The comments from mercutio are rude and corrupt and now irrelevant because he has fallen in love with Juliet. Romeo is saying that he makes fun of scars that don’t hurt anymore.

What does Romeo say about Mercutio’s teasing?

In the orchard, Romeo hears Mercutio’s teasing. He says to himself, “He jests at scars that never felt a wound” (2.2. 43). She says that if he would refuse his Montague name, she would give herself to him; or if he would simply swear that he loved her, she would refuse her Capulet name.

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