What happened to Ellie in the tribe?

What happened to Ellie in the tribe?

After the downfall of The Technos, Ellie escapes from slavery but she has a serious case of amnesia. Java befriends her and Ellie thinks she is helping when she takes Ellie back to the Mall.

Why did Dal leave the tribe?

Being an engineer, Dal’s practical skills have aided fellow member and best friend, Jack, into producing water for the Mall Rats. When the virus started to effect children, Dal left with the Mall Rats to Eagle Mountain in search of the antidote.

What happened to Jack in the tribe?

After the downfall of The Technos, Jack escapes from their slave camps and while travelling back to the Mall, he found Gel and rejoined the Mall Rats.

Does Ryan return in the tribe?

Ryan, along with Patsy, are the only original Mall Rats not to reunite with Amber as they were taken away by The Chosen in Series 3. However, Ryan would later reunite with Amber in The Tribe: (R)Evolution. Ryan was never seen again until The Tribe: (R)Evolution which was released in 2019.

Who kidnapped Amber Trudy?

the Technos
Series 4. Trudy and Brady as Ecos Trudy finds Amber in a barn and helped to deliver Amber’s baby. She later finds Bray’s necklace of Amber’s Ring and realises he had been abducted by the Technos. Fearing for their lives, Trudy and Amber fled to the safety of the Eco Tribe.

Who dies in The Tribe?


  • Zoot.
  • Jay.
  • Pride.
  • Java.

What happened to Tai San?

She was abducted during the invasion of the Technos and was programmed to join the tribe, only to be deleted by Mega following her return to the city. Tai San was traded by various tribes until she ended in the hands of The Collective, where she would reunite with Lex and the Mall Rats in The Tribe: (R)Evolution.

Does Amber come back the tribe?

She stages a small revolt with the Mall Rats before returning to the Ecos and her son. By the end of Season Four she joins Ebony and Jay in a massive attack on the Technos and rejoins the Mall Rats all the while harboring small feelings for Jay who is in a relationship with Ebony.

Where is the tribe filmed?

The series was filmed in Wellington, New Zealand.

Where are tribes set?

The Tribe (1999 TV series)

The Tribe
Production locations Wellington Region, New Zealand
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 25 minutes
Production company Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group

Who dies in the tribe?

Who owns the tribe Utah?

Tanner Valerio – Co-Founder – The Tribe Utah, LLC | LinkedIn.

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