What happened to Tom Joyner and his wife Donna?

What happened to Tom Joyner and his wife Donna?

On July 29, 2000, Richardson married Joyner in Montego Bay, Jamaica and had a week-long honeymoon in Venice Italy. A report in December 2012 announced that Richardson and Tom Joyner had separated, in May 2012, in order to divorce. The New York Daily News stated that the separation is “mutual but not exactly amicable.”

Who was Tom Joyner first wife?

Donna Richardson-Joyner

Tom Joyner
Born Thomas Joyner November 23, 1949 Tuskegee, Alabama
Spouse(s) Donna Richardson-Joyner (divorced 2012) Dora Chatmon Joyner (divorced)
Children 2

What is Jay Anthony Brown doing now?

From 1996 until 25 November 2016, Brown appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, a nationwide radio show broadcast from Dallas, Texas. Brown is currently on the national radio show The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Has Tom Joyner recovered from his stroke?

He says he remained at the hospital for about a week. He says since the incident he has been working hard to recover. “I do physical therapy twice a day, but recovery is slow, it’s very slow,” Joyner said, revealing he recently started walking again.

What is J Anthony Brown doing now?

Now, Brown hosts his own two-hour countdown show, “The J. Anthony Brown Show,” which broadcasts to 18 markets each weekend on Accelerated Radio. He also works week days on “The Sheryl Underwood Show,” which is broadcast to 95 radio markets.

Did Tom Joyner have a stroke 2020?

Joyner—who retired from his illustrious radio career in 2019—was not slurring his speech, but his left arm was just hanging there. At the hospital, he learned that he had indeed experienced a stroke. “I had lost mobility and range of motion in my arms and legs.

How many times has Tom Joyner been married?

Tom Joyner has been married twice to date. Joyner was first married to his first wife, Dora with whom he shares two sons named Thomas Jr. and Oscar, whom he calls “Killer” and “Thriller” respectively. However, their relation didn’t go along and they got divorced.

Who is the host of the Tom Joyner morning show?

Tom Joyner is known as an American radio broadcaster. He is most famous for being a radio host of the show, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, a nationally syndicated program. Related Biography: Anna Gunn

Who are the parents of Dr Tom Joyner?

Tom Joyner was born in a well-educated family as the son of Frances Joyner (mother) and Hercules L. Joyner (mother). Both of his parents were graduates of historically black colleges and so was his grandfather Oscar, as he was one of only 3,000 black physicians in the United States, earning a degree in medicine in 1909.

When did Porsha Williams and Tom Joyner get married?

Porsha Williams is a married woman again. This time instead of nabbing a ball player like Kordell Stewart, the housewife and aspiring singer has set her sights on radio jock Tom Joyner who announced today April 1, 2014, that they are indeed husband and wife.

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