What happens when Himmelstoss comes to the front?

What happens when Himmelstoss comes to the front?

Eight., Seven, Four, and One. What happens when Himmelstoss comes to the front? Kropp get a light sentence (three days’ open arrest and one day open arrest, respectively).

How is Himmelstoss treated when he arrives at the front?

Himmelstoss is portrayed as a cruel martinet, a parade ground soldier who is abusive to the young men during their training. When he arrives at the front, however, Paul observes that he quickly discovers that “the front line isn’t a parade ground.” The soldiers, especially Tjaden, greet him with hostility.

What happens to Himmelstoss in All Quiet on the Western Front?

Himmelstoss is killed when he dives over the top of the trenches in his zeal for fighting for the Fatherland. Himmelstoss earns the respect of the regiment when he selflessly rescues a man from no man’s land under heavy fire. Himmelstoss is never taken to the front.

What does the Kaiser do when he visits the front?

There is excitement among the ranks: the kaiser, the emperor of Germany, is coming to see the army. In preparation for his visit, everything is cleaned thoroughly, and all the soldiers are given new clothes. After he leaves, the new clothes are taken away.

What happens when Himmelstoss comes to the front Chapter 5?

The sergeant-major solves the problem by declaring that Tjaden must report to the Orderly Room within ten minutes. The men resolve to torment Himmelstoss at every opportunity. Himmelstoss returns later to demand that they tell him where Tjaden is. Kropp insults him, and Himmelstoss storms off.

Why has Himmelstoss been sent to the front Chapter 5?

Why has Himmelstoss been sent to the front? Because he overdid his “lessons” of a few young recruits, and the son of the local magistrate saw and reported him.

How does the soldiers relationship to Himmelstoss change after the bombardment?

How does the soldiers’ relationship to HImmelstoss change after the bombardment? Himmelstoss made amends with all but Tjaden. What role does humor play among the troops? The humor among the troops gradually gets more bitter and cynical.

How does Himmelstoss fare in the battle?

Himmelstoss has been sent to the front because he was caught mistreating the new recruits so they sent him to the front as punishment. The men treat Himmelstoss with disrespect.

What is the dying room who returns from the dying room?

What is the Dying Room? Who returns from the Dying Room? Where the men who are about to die and who have no hope for recovery are taken so that they will be closer to the morgue to be more easily moved when they do die. Peter returns from the Dying Room.

How does Kat explain Himmelstoss bullying?

Kat suggests that Himmelstoss is like a lot of other men. He remarks that even a dog trained to eat potatoes will snap at meat given the opportunity. Men behave the same way when given the opportunity to have a little authority. Every man is a beast underneath all his manners and customs.

How did Corporal Himmelstoss change in the field?

Here, Paul notes a change in Himmelstoss, who arrives at the front. In the field, Himmelstoss realizes the limits of his authority. It was easier for Himmelstoss to be tough and unforgiving when the stakes were low, but now, when the situation is life and death, and hope is a distant memory, the Himmelstoss’s insecurities start to show.

What was Himmelstoss role in All Quiet on the Western Front?

It’s impossible to get into the head of an author, but Himmelstoss’s role in the novel seems pretty easy to surmise. Throughout All Quiet on the Western Front, the futility and hypocrisy of the war and of war in general is discussed in depth.

Who was Himmelstoss and what did he do?

Men who have seen battle can see straight through a thin layer of unearned authority. Himmelstoss is a raging book of army regulations. The Kaiser himself couldn’t be more insulted. Here, Paul notes that Himmelstoss and the Kaiser are filled with the same bluster. Both are men whose power depends on the upholding of rules.

What happens in Chapter 7 of Himmelstoss the book?

Remarque allows Himmelstoss a reprieve from ignominy in Chapter 7, after he replaces Ginger the cook. Paul acknowledges that not only has the group’s former nemesis carried Haie back from the front, but has begun spreading favors among the men.

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