What is a Bondaweb?

What is a Bondaweb?

Bondaweb is a soft adhesive web attached to transfer paper. Makes bonding two fabrics together quick & easy.

What can I use instead of Vilene?

I use Vilene H630 and Vilene H640 Fleece/Wadding all of the time, to create structure in bags and purses. They’re lightweight, fusible and create loft without too much density (which makes them easy on the sewing machine needles), and they can be used in conjunction with other interfacings (read more about that here).

What is Vilene Bondaweb?

Bondaweb is made by Vilene/Vlieseline and is a strong adhesive web which can bond one fabric to another when you iron it. It has a paper covering on one side allowing you to iron it onto your first fabric and then you can remove the paper backing and then iron it onto the second fabric.

What is the difference between interfacing and Bondaweb?

One of the major differences is that interfacing is actually a fabric while the fusible web is a fibre. Another noteworthy difference between the two is that fusible web has adhesive on both sides while interfacing does not. Furthermore, interfacing can be woven or knit, while fusible web is neither woven nor knit.

What is Bondaweb made of?

Vlieseline / Vilene Bondaweb is an iron-on web adhesive on transfer paper. It is recyclable and made of 100% Polyamide. When drawing or ironing, the web is supported by the paper.

Does Bondaweb come off in the wash?

I decorated some tea towels using Bondaweb and of course they’re in and out of the washing machine all the time. As for ironing; you iron the Bondaweb onto the fabric to make it adhere anyway.

Is interfacing safe for face masks?

Yes. You need that non-penetrating layer. Woven interfacing is just like adding another layer of cotton. You want a solid sheet of protection.

Is Bondaweb fusible interfacing?

Bondaweb® from Vilene is a web adhesive on paper. With Bondaweb®, different materials and fabrics can be fused together by ironing, very easily. Bondaweb® is ideal for fancy appliqués and textile handicrafts in all forms and colours as well as for repairs. With Bondaweb® you can let your creative streak run wild!

Is Pellon a stabilizer?

926 Extra-Firm Stabilizer Sew-In 20″ Firm, stable, soft support for crafts & home decor. Interfacing shapes, supports & stabilizes detail areas of a garment – collars, facings & waistbands. Other types of Pellon® interfacings are woven, knitted or weft-inserted.

Is Bondaweb washable?

Bondaweb by Vilene is a versatile iron-on transfer adhesive. Bondaweb is also washable after use. Simply trace your design onto the paper side of the Bondaweb, place adhesive side down and iron on.

Which is the adhesive side of Bondaweb?

Place the adhesive side of Bondaweb® on the right side of the fabric and iron it on from the paper side. Afterwards let everything cool down well. Carefully pull off the base paper of Bondaweb®. Note, the painted side always has to be covered with baking paper if it is to be re-ironed afterwards.

What is bondaweb and what is it used for?

Bondaweb is a soft adhesive web attached to transfer paper. Makes bonding two fabrics together quick & easy. Ideal for applique work.

What kind of fabric can I make out of bondaweb?

Suitable for all fabrics, raffia, cardboard, wood and, at low temperatures, also for leather. 1. Draw or trace the motif back-to-front on the paper side of Bondaweb and cut out roughly. 2. Lay the Bondaweb with the rough side on the reverse side of the fabric and iron on for around 5–10 seconds.

What can you do with bondaweb transfer paper?

Bondaweb is a soft adhesive web attached to transfer paper. Makes bonding two fabrics together quick & easy. Ideal for applique work. Ideal for fast and perfect appliqués on quilting projects, creative hangings and clothing. Also ideal for other creative uses such as with foils.

How big does a bondaweb order need to be?

Bondaweb Orders will be cut as one continuous length up to the 30m standard full roll option. Bondaweb is a key component off the Crashing Technique, a super way of easily adding texture to fabrics of your choice. Part of our extensive Haberdashery range. Bondaweb orders of 3m and under will be despatched folded.

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