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What is a good sentence for recede?

What is a good sentence for recede?

1. The mountain peaks recede into the distance as one leaves the shore. 2. The flood waters finally began to recede in November.

What is a sentence for the word receding?

Receding sentence example. If the current is on while the bob is receding the vibration is checked. Xander’s eyes glowed with hunger, and his fangs were receding in a way not remotely human. If instead of receding the sea rose continuously at the rate of ioo ft.

What is a meaning of recede?

1a : to move back or away : withdraw a receding hairline. b : to slant backward. 2 : to grow less or smaller : diminish, decrease a receding deficit. recede.

What does the word recede mean in a sentence?

to move further away into the distance, or to become less clear: McLaughlin expects to go home again when the flood waters recede. If a man has a receding hairline, he is losing the hair from the front of his head.

What part of speech is recede?

intransitive verb
recede 1

part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: recedes, receding, receded

How do you use prolonged in a sentence?

Prolonged sentence example

  1. After a prolonged silence, she hugged him again.
  2. After a prolonged moment, she inhaled deeply.
  3. A prolonged and general silence followed.
  4. After a prolonged pause, Jackson ran a hand through his hair and inhaled deeply.

What kind of verb is the word recede?

1[intransitive] to move gradually away from someone, or away from a previous position The sound of the truck receded into the distance.

What is the synonyms of the word recede?

Synonyms & Antonyms of recede

  • abate,
  • de-escalate,
  • decline,
  • decrease,
  • die (away or down or out),
  • diminish,
  • drain (away),
  • drop (off),

How to use the word recede in a sentence?

Examples of Recede in a sentence If you look closely at George’s hair, you can see where his hairline has started to recede. 🔊 The client was unhappy when he learned the software company was going to recede his project’s delivery date. 🔊 When the storm quiets, the waters will recede from the beach. 🔊

When to use retract or recede in a sentence?

The meanings of back and recede largely overlap; however, back is used with up, down, out, or off to refer to any retrograde motion. When could retract be used to replace recede? In some situations, the words retract and recede are roughly equivalent. However, retract implies drawing back from an extended position.

What is the meaning of the word back?

recede, retreat, retract, back mean to move backward. recede implies a gradual withdrawing from a forward or high fixed point in time or space. the flood waters gradually receded retreat implies withdrawal from a point or position reached.

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