What is a summer cut for a Shih Tzu?

What is a summer cut for a Shih Tzu?

The Puppy Cut If you ask Goldstein, this is the most functional and comfortable shih tzu haircut, regardless of age. The puppy cut, also sometimes known as the summer cut, features fur that is cut very short (around 1 inch) from the tip of your pup’s tail all the way up to the tip of their nose.

Should I cut my dog’s hair short in summer?

It is ok to give your long-haired dog or cat a “summer cut”—trimming their long hair may make it more manageable. If you prefer not to cut your pet’s hair, that’s fine. Dogs with thick coats naturally shed, so they have lighter coats in the summer.

How do I keep my Shih Tzu cool in the summer?

In Hot Weather, Your Shih Tzu Should:

  1. Stay indoors in cool rooms (air conditioning or fans)
  2. Limit exercise.
  3. Take walks early or late in the day when the air temperature is lower.
  4. Have a Trimmed Hair Style.
  5. Drink extra water.
  6. Nibble on Ice cubes in the water bowl as a treat for some.

Should I cut my Shih Tzu hair in the summer?

Any dog that needs a regular trim for maintenance, like a Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, or an Afghan Hound, is on the list for a summer cut as well. Of course, in their cases, they need fresh trims pretty frequently—and summer is no exception.

Should Shih Tzu be shaved in summer?

In short: don’t shave your dog. Dogs evolved to have hair for a reason, so removing it entirely puts their health and comfort at risk. Dogs have multiple layers of fur to protect them against the elements, including the hot summer sun.

Are Shih Tzus double coated?

The breed standard describes the Shih Tzu coat as dense, long, and flowing. This is a double-coated breed, but most felt that the soft, puffy double coat that refuses to drape is just as incorrect as the Maltese-type single coat that flows beautifully.

What is too hot for a Shih Tzu?

Heat stress is when a dog’s body temperature rises to 103 F (39.4 C). You’ll need to provide intervention to help your dog cool down. Heat stroke is the next phase (which can happen very quickly after heat stress), in which a dog’s body temperature reaches 106 F (41.1 C) or higher. This is considered life-threatening.

Should you shave a Shih Tzu in summer?

How often should you cut a Shih Tzu’s hair?

every 4-6 weeks
The Shih Tzu haircut you choose can reflect their unique personality. Their hair grows quickly, and should be trimmed every 4-6 weeks, so you (and maybe your groomer) can try out different looks and lengths for your pet. This article will help guide you towards the right trim for your dog’s personality and lifestyle.

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