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What is an example of a fertilized egg?

What is an example of a fertilized egg?

Chicken eggs are an example of this second type. In ovoviparity, fertilized eggs are retained in the female, but the embryo obtains its nourishment from the egg’s yolk and the young are fully developed when they are hatched.

What are examples of internal fertilization?

Internal fertilization is characterized by sperm fertilizing the egg within the female; the three methods include: oviparity (egg laid outside female body), ovoviparity (egg held within female), and viviparity (development within female followed by live birth).

Is a zygote a fertilized egg?

zygote, fertilized egg cell that results from the union of a female gamete (egg, or ovum) with a male gamete (sperm). In the embryonic development of humans and other animals, the zygote stage is brief and is followed by cleavage, when the single cell becomes subdivided into smaller cells.

What is fertilization explain briefly the two types of fertilization giving examples?

In animals, there are two types of fertilization, internal and external. Internal fertilization happens in the female body. External fertilization happens outside of the body. Mammals, birds, and reptiles use internal fertilization.

What is fertilization explain types of fertilization with example?

Fertilization in Animals The process of fusion of sperm with egg (ovum) to produce zygote is called fertilization. Animals also produce gametes for fusion. But the fusion of gametes may take place inside or outside the body. Based on this, fertilization is of two types – internal and external fertilization.

What is zygote example?

The definition of a zygote is the cell that forms by the union of an egg cell and a sperm cell. A fertilized female egg from which a baby will develop is an example of a zygote. The cell formed by the union of two gametes, especially a fertilized ovum before cleavage.

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