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What is an RCA Victrola worth?

What is an RCA Victrola worth?

Most Victrola (internal horn) models are still quite commonly found at estate sales and on EBay, with the average selling price in the $50 to $200 range for typical “attic-stored” machines.

How do you value a Victrola?

Nonetheless, one will often see a very common Victrola model such as these with an asking price of $2,000.00 or more on EBay, although such a machine will not actually sell for anywhere near that amount. There are simply too many of them still around.

How do you date a Victor Victrola?

You may find a paper license sticker located on the back, the bottom or on an inside wall or underneath your Victor or Victrola photograph, depending on model (picture on right). This sticker has a veritable plethora of patent and copyright dates printed all over it.

What kind of machine is a Victrola?

It was the largest and most prestigious firm of its kind in the world, perhaps best known for its use of the famous “His Master’s Voice” trademark and the production, marketing and design of the “Victrola” line of phonographs….

Victor Talking Machine Company
Location Camden, New Jersey

How much are vintage Victrolas worth?

Antique Victrola Values On the whole, Victrolas are worth anywhere between $500-$5,000, depending on the collector’s needs and how many repairs would be needed to make the machine run again, with fully functioning Victrolas being the most expensive and tabletops being the least.

How big is a RCA Victrola record player?

EDISON Wind-up console record player together EDISON Wind-up console record player together with Columbia console wind-up record player and an oak table model RCA Victor victrola. Largest: 44 3/4″ Victrola phonograph with oak case. 14″h.x16″w.x19.75″d.

How long did it take to build a Victrola?

Built by Adelard Roy of Lewiston and Durham, Maine. It took 13 years and contains 44,300 pieces of wood 1920 MAHOGANY VICTOR VICTROLA VV XI: Circa 1920 MAHOGANY VICTOR VICTROLA VV XI: Circa 1920 Victor Victrola in the VV XI mahogany floor model case. The most popular of all Victrolas.

What kind of case does a Victrola have?

A Victrola in an oak case with hinged lid marked Thomas Edison Trade Mark; with an accompanying box of cylinders; ht. 12.5 wd. Victor Talking Machine Co. ”Victrola” phonograph.

What is the serial number on a 1915 Victrola?

The floor cabinet has a lift top, built-in 1915 VICTROLA VV IX TABLE TOP WITH RECORDS: 1915 VICTROLA VV IX TABLE TOP WITH RECORDS: Mahogany case model VV-IX serial number 176167, which dates to 1915. Bright interior with original decal. In

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