What is electric motor in short answer?

What is electric motor in short answer?

An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Working of an electric motor: An electric motor works on the principle of magnetic effect of electric current. In an electric motor, a rectangular coil ABCD in placed between two magnets in poles N and S.

How do motors work?

How do motors work? Electric motors work by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy in order to create motion. Force is generated within the motor through the interaction between a magnetic field and winding alternating (AC) or direct (DC) current. Electric Motors have an array of applications.

How does a basic electric motor work?

This simple electric motor works by the magnetic force F = IL x B. The current goes around the coil so that it points one direction in one end of the loop and in the other direction at the other end of the loop. The magnetic field at both of these spots points in the same direction.

What is electric motor class 10th?

Electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. Parts of a Electric Motor. Insulated Copper wire: A rectangular coil of wire ABCD. Magnet Poles: A magnet as placed above ie North Pole and South Pole.

What is motor explain?

Definition: Electric motor is the electro-mechanical machine which converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy. In other words, the devices which produce rotational force is known as the motor.

What are the main parts of electric motor?

Motor Basics No matter the type of motor, there are three basic parts: a stator, a commutator, and a rotor. Together they use electromagnetism to cause the motor to spin. As long as the motor receives steady current, the motor works.

What are the 6 parts of an electric motor?

These six components include:

  • 1) The Rotor. The rotor is the moving part of your electric motor.
  • 3) The Bearings. The rotor in your electric motor is supported by bearings, which allow it to turn on its axis.
  • 4) The Windings.
  • 5) The Air Gap.
  • 6) The Commutator.
  • What Do All of These Components Have in Common?

How do electric motors work physics?

A simple electric motor can be built using a coil of wire that is free to rotate between two opposite magnetic poles. When an electric current flows through the coil, the coil experiences a force and moves. When the electric current changes direction, the same end of the electromagnet becomes its south pole.

Who invented the electric motor?

Michael Faraday
Thomas DavenportWilliam SturgeonEmily Davenport

Why are motors important?

Electric motors are extremely important in modern-day life. They are used in vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, computer printers, fax machines, video cassette recorders, machine tools, printing presses, automobiles, subway systems, sewage treatment plants, and water pumping stations, to mention only a few applications.

What is motor and its uses?

The electric motor which runs asynchronous speed is known as induction motor, and an alternate name of this motor is the asynchronous motor. Induction motor mainly uses electromagnetic induction for changing the energy from electric to mechanical.

What is the working principle of an electric motor?

The basic principle behind the working of an electric motor is the action of electromagnetic forces. When a wire carries an electric current and is placed in a magnetic field (e.g. near a magnet), it feels a force that pushes it in a certain direction – depending on the orientation of wire and magnetic poles.

What are the parts and its function of electric motor?

The main parts of an electric motor include the stator and rotor, a series of gears or belts, and bearings to reduce friction. DC motors also need a commutator to reverse current direction and keep the motor spinning.

What do electrical devices use an electric motor?

Electric Cars – These cars work on electricity which is mostly obtained from batteries in cars.

  • Industries – There are various processes in all kinds of industries in which we require mechanical power from electric motors,such as mixing,lifting,and pulling,etc.
  • Electric Toys – Toys that perform some kind of movements require electric motors.
  • What is the importance of an electric motor?

    An electric motor is a machine used to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. Electric motors are important to modern-day life, being used in vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, computer printers, fax machines, water pumps, manufacturing, cars (both conventional and hybrid), machine tools, printing presses, subway systems, and more.

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