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What is negative 1 divided infinity?

What is negative 1 divided infinity?

5 Answers. you could say that 1∞=0, so 1−1∞=1. But then, you’re stretching the definition of division past breaking point – division as you know it isn’t defined for infinity, so the answer is undefined.

Is infinity +1 equal to infinity?

According to mathematicians, there are may types of infinity, but what happens when you add one? Mathematicians have identified many different types of infinity, of which the ‘smallest’ is Aleph-null, which is reached by counting forever. So infinity plus one is still infinity.

What is the value of 1 ∞?

In the simplest terms of understanding, the value of 1/0 will be ∞. Hence, 1/∞ may be considered equal to 0. = 0. It can simply be achieved like this: ∞ = 1/0 means that an infinite/undefined number of zeroes put together become 1, and the number of zeroes in this case is called ∞.

What form is 1 infinity?

One to the power infinity is unknown because infinity itself is endless. Take a look at some examples of indeterminate forms. When we plug infinity into this function, we see that it takes on the indeterminate form of one to the power infinity….Example.

A +infinity
B -infinity

Does 1 0 equal Infinity?

Likewise, 1 / 0 is not really infinity . Infinity isn’t actually a number, it’s more of a concept. If you think about how division is often described in schools, say, number of sweets shared between number of people, you see the confusion.

What does a number over infinity equal?

The limit at infinity is the height of the horizontal asymptote. Before trying other techniques, plug in the arrow number. If the result is: A number, you’re done. A number over zero or infinity over zero, the answer is infinity. A number over infinity, the answer is zero. 0/0 or ∞/∞, use L’Hôpital’s Rule.

What is infinity divided by 0?

Infinity divided by zero is undefined . Among other things, you get into the question of which infinity you’re talking about. (Yes, there are different orders of infinity)

What is anything divided by Infinity?

One divided by infinity is “approaching zero.”. One billion divided by infinity is “approaching zero.”. An inconceivably large but finite number representing the total number of bit-states in a digital Universe divided by infinity is “approaching zero.”.

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