What is the bog turtles role in the ecosystem?

What is the bog turtles role in the ecosystem?

The small wetlands that support bog turtles perform important infrastructure tasks such as purifying water, recharging underground aquifers and absorbing floodwaters.

What do bog turtles do?

Bog turtles depend upon a diversity of micro-habitats for foraging, nesting, basking, hibernating and sheltering. Bog turtles primarily eat mollusks and aquatic insects, but also eat seeds and berries.

What is the bog turtles habitat?

Bog turtles thrive in mountain bogs, or isolated wetlands with acidic, wet soil, thick moss and deep layers of mud. These deep mucky soils, fed by groundwater, provide protection from predators and other elements. Short clumps of vegetation let in plenty of sunlight for incubating eggs and basking.

Are bog turtles illegal?

The species is also threatened by poaching—collection for illegal wildlife trade. The bog turtle has been protected under the Endangered Species Act since 1997, when it was listed as a federally threatened species. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service oversees the recovery of this species.

How much space does bog turtle need to thrive?

3-foot by 2-foot
Anyone keeping bog turtles should provide them with as large an enclosure as they can manage. At a minimum, a single turtle can be kept in a 3-foot by 2-foot tank. Two bog turtles should be provided with at least twice this area, with plenty of sightline breaks and hiding places.

How endangered is the bog turtle?

Critically Endangered
Bog turtle/Conservation status

What are bog turtle predators?

Raccoons, foxes, skunk, and dogs are all known to prey on bog turtles. Bog turtles are also vulnerable to people who take them from the wild to keep or to sell as pets.

Where do bog turtle?

Bog Turtles inhabit open, unpolluted emergent and scrub/shrub wetlands such as shallow spring-fed fens, sphagnum bogs, swamps, marshy meadows, and wet pastures.

Are bog turtles cold blooded?

The bog turtle is an ectothermic reptile (cold-blooded), and undergoes a definite annual cycle related to seasonal changes of temperatures in its environment.

What eats a bog turtle?

Animals like foxes, raccoons, and skunks are the predators of an adult bog turtle. Raccoons and skunks are also known to visit the nests of bog turtles and feed on them. Since the hatchlings of the bog turtles are only about one inch long, they are preyed on by many other mammals and birds as well.

Can a bog turtle be a pet?

Bog Turtles can be a lot of fun to keep as pets, and they are smart animals that will learn to recognize their owners and come out to ask for food. If you are planning on keeping more than one of these turtles, though, it is best to house the males separately because they could end up fighting over territory.

Do bog turtles bask?

As daytime air temperatures warm during mid-April to early May, bog turtles emerge from hibernation and bask atop piles of grasses and mats of moss. Basking increases their body temperature and makes them hungry for food.

What kind of habitat does a bog turtle live in?

Easily recognized by the orange patch on either side of its head, the bog turtle favors open, groundwater-fed wet meadows and bogs dominated by tussock sedge and grasses. Bog turtles thrive in mountain bogs, or isolated wetlands with acidic, wet soil, thick moss and deep layers of mud.

What kind of food does a bog turtle eat?

Ecological Niche. The Bog turtle eats worms among other insects and amphibians like frogs. In addition it eats berries and seeds.

Why is the bog turtle on the decline?

Habitat loss and fragmentation and forest succession represent the primary reasons for the decline of this species. In the past, bog turtles could move to nearby habitat if conditions changed. However, remaining habitats have become more isolated because of land development.

How big is a bog turtle compared to a spotted turtle?

Bog turtle. A major difference between it and the spotted turtle is that the bog turtle has no coloration on the upper shell, unlike the latter species. Mature male bog turtles have an average length of 9.4 centimeters (3.7 in) while the average female length is 8.9 centimeters (3.5 in) (straight carapace measurement).

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