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What is the Hebrew name for healer?

What is the Hebrew name for healer?

One of the names of God is Jehovah Rapha, meaning “the God Who Heals,” with the Hebrew word “rapha” translating to “to completely make whole, to thoroughly mend and repair.”

What name in the Bible means healer?

20. Josiah (Hebrew origin), one of the biblical names that mean healing, or literally “Jehovah has healed.” Its pronunciation sounds like both Joshua and Joseph giving it extra charm. 21.Lee (Celtic origin), meaning healer.

Who is the healer god?

1. Asclepius. The ancient Greek god of healing and a son of Apollo, Asclepius is till today, still widely associated with medical assistance.

What name means Divine healer?

Errapel, the name means ‘divine healer’, is well-known name in Israel, yet has never been in vogue or made famous in various parts of the world.

What are names for healers?


  • physician.
  • shaman.
  • therapist.
  • doctor.
  • mender.
  • curer.
  • medicine man.

What boy name means God restores?

A Hebrew name, Raphael means God has healed.

Which Greek God is a healer?

Asclepius, Greek Asklepios, Latin Aesculapius, Greco-Roman god of medicine, son of Apollo (god of healing, truth, and prophecy) and the mortal princess Coronis.

What does the name Rapha mean?

Comfort, Healing
The name Rapha is primarily a male name of Hebrew origin that means Comfort, Healing. In the Bible, Rapha was the fifth son of Benjamin.

What name means God is my protector?

Elohim shomri
Hebrew translation: Elohim shomri

English term or phrase: God is my protector
Hebrew translation: Elohim shomri

What are some names that mean healing?

Gro is a Danish name that means to heal or to grow. This lovely name was once the name of the Egyptian goddess of medicine and healing. This mythological name comes from the Roman goddess of healing. Long ago, she was said to be able to restore health when summer heat, winter cold or weariness cause ill health.

Who is the goddess of Health?

Hygeia: Greek Goddess of Health. Hygeia is the personification of health. She was the daughter of Asclepius , the god of medicine, who was the son of Apollo . Hygeia was associated with the cult of Asclepius. Today, you will see sculptures of the goddess of health and the god of medicine in medical facilities throughout the world.

What is the name for God healing?

Archangel Raphael: In Hebrew, rapha, means doctor or healer and the name Raphael means God Heals, or , Healing Power of God. He brings healing to humans and animals; physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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