What is the main conflict in the life you save may be your own?

What is the main conflict in the life you save may be your own?

In “The Life You Save May be Your Own” by Flannery O’Connor, the major conflicts resides within Mr. Shiftlet. This man vs. self conflict involves the struggle in which he tries to overcome his evil ways, but continues to fail in the shadows of his own selfishness.

What is ironic about Mr Shiftlet?

The irony of this statement is that Mr. Shiftlet himself is part of that very same rottenness that threatens to engulf the world. He only appears interested in what he can get, and instead of being the one to make a difference, to reject all the selfishness with which the…

How is Mr Shiftlet a hypocrite?

He uses his words to get what he wants and then moves on to the next town. He also uses people and then discards them without a thought for their feelings or well-being. Everything Mr. Shiftlet says contradicts what he does in reality.

What was wrong with Lucynell?

Lucynell is Mrs. Crater’s daughter. She is deaf, dumb, and probably suffers from some intellectual impairment, too. Lucynell appears to be childlike in most ways, even though Mrs.

Which incident taken from O Connor’s The Life You Save May Be Your Own is the best example of irony?

Which incident taken from O’Connor’s “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” is the best example of irony? Mrs. Crater thinks she is gaining a son-in-law, when in fact Mr. Shiftlet takes her car, her money, and abandons her daughter at a diner.

How did The Life You Save May Be Your Own end?

The final irony in “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” occurs after Shiftlet’s prayerful outburst in the car. A few minutes later, large raindrops begin pelting his car. The ironic message for Shiftlet is that his own actions have made him exactly the kind of slime he wishes to have washed from the earth.

What effect does the wedding have on Mr Shiftlet?

PASSAGE: “The old woman watched from a distance, secretly pleased. She was ravenous for a son-in-law.” She wants Mr. Shiftlet to marry her daughter.

What arguments does Mrs Crater use to persuade Shiftlet to marry Lucynell?

What arguments does Mrs. Crater use to persuade Shiflet to marry Lucynell? She points out that Lucynell is innocent and that she will never talk back or argue.

What is the bargain struck between Mr Shiftlet and Mrs crater over her daughter Lucynell?

While not explicitly saying so, Mrs. Crater promises her land, a “permanent place” with a “deep well,” to Mr. Shiftlet if he will marry Lucynell. It’s understood that if he marries the deaf girl he must live on the property and presumably take it over when the old woman dies.

What does Shiftlet say to the hitchhiker?

Shiflet goes on to say, “My mother was a angel of Gawd,” which is ironically what the last Hitch-hiker said about Lucynell (who really was a Child of God, or an Innocent, like the Virgin Mary). Shiflet says, “He took her from heaven and giver to me and I left her.”

What arguments does the old woman use to persuade Shiftlet to marry Lucynell Why does Shiftlet say he Cannot marry her what causes him to change his mind?

why does shiftlet say he cannot marry her, and what causes him to change his mind? the old woman says he can live there for free and have their car. he says he cannot marry lucynell because he does not have money. he eventually changes his mind when the old woman offers him money.

What happens in the drive by Mr Shiftlet?

During the drive, he starts talking to the boy about his own mother. Further irony sees Mr. Shiftlet being overwhelmed by remorse for having abandoned his mother and he starts crying.

What happens to Mr Shiftlet and young Lucynell?

The young boy in the diner is quite impressed with Lucynell. She has fallen asleep with her head resting on the counter. Mr. Shiftlet buys her a meal and claims that she is a hitchhiker. The boy remarks that “she looks like an angel of Gawd” and proceeds to touch a strand of her golden hair as Mr. Shiftlet departs.

Who is similar to Simon Suggs in Shiftlet?

Hooper’s Simon Suggs and Harris’ Sut Lovingood are both similar to O’Connor’s Shiftlet. This is especially true in Shiftlet’s “swapping session” scenes with Mrs. Crater.

Why did shifilet stop to pick up a hitchhiker?

Perhaps somewhat depressed by his actions, and somehow influenced by the road signs which announce, “Drive carefully. The life you save may be your own,” Shifilet, feeling that “a man with a car had a responsibility to others,” stops and picks up a young boy who is hitchhiking.

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