What is the theme of the book Trash?

What is the theme of the book Trash?

Themes of Trash include income disparity, waste, and corruption. The contrast between the three dumpsite boys and the wealthy people that live in the same area is startling. They have to sort literal trash to find enough money to scrape by while the wealthy dine on delicacies and live in…

What techniques does Andy Mulligan use in Trash?

Mulligan uses language techniques as well as rich characters and setting descriptions to help educate readers about poverty. Language techniques, such as sensory language and imagery language, and setting descriptions were used to make the reader feel the impact of these situations.

What is the problem in the book Trash?

The conflict lies in the attempt to decide whether or not Raphael and Gardo were acting morally, and this is an area in which the reader is forced to pick a side. On the one hand, Gardo and Raphael have had a tough start to life with almost no opportunities.

How is poverty shown in the book Trash?

E.g. In Andy Mulligan’s novel ‘Trash,’ poverty is shown by following Rat, Gardo and Raphael’s story. Second sentence. E.g. Raphael shows poverty when he is describing what life is like, sorting through garbage on a dump site, by using imagery and similes.

How if a new kid shows up with nowhere to go and the police get him they wait till night break his legs and put him on the tracks?

How if a new kid shows up with nowhere to go, and the police get him—they wait till night, break his legs and put him on the tracks. His final act—the one that killed him—was to expose three senators who’d been siphoning off public taxes and stowing them off-shore. They all resigned and the prosecution rumbles on.

Did Andy Mulligan win any awards?

Guardian Children’s Fiction PrizeAndy Mulligan / Awards
He has won The Guardian Children’s Fiction prize, and been shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal. His books have been translated into thirty-two languages, and his first adult novel – ‘Train Man’ – will be published on July 4th 2019.

Where has Andy Mulligan taught?

Andy Mulligan was born and brought up in London. He worked as a theatre director for ten years before travels in Asia prompted him to retrain as a teacher. He has taught English and drama in India, Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines and the UK. He now lives in England, and is writing full time.

What are the themes of the book Trash?

Andy Mulligan’s “Trash” deals with challenging issues, including poverty and children living in third world countries. He uses setting descriptions and rich characters in this book to help the reader to understand poverty and third world countries as it helps the reader to understand the themes in the book.

Who are the main characters in trash literary elements?

We are thankful for their contributions and encourage you to make your own. Protagonist: a group of boys, Raphael, Gardo and Jun-Jun; Antagonist: corrupted government Raphael and Gardo find a wallet while scouring through trash which contains some money and an ID of a person called Jose Angelico.

Who are the characters in the book Trash by Andy Mulligan?

In Andy Mulligan’s novel, Trash, we follow the three boys of Behala dump site, (Raphael, Gardo and Rat) as they persevere against malicious forces such as the police, in order to bring justice to the mystery of Senator Zapanta and the millions of stolen international aid money.

What do the boys find in the trash?

The boys are poor, as are the majority of the people in their region. They live, as do most, by picking through trash at a variety of sprawling dumpsites near a city called Behala, hoping to find something they can sell. Raphael finds a bag in the trash one day. It contains a leather wallet, a map, pictures of a girl in a school uniform, and a key.

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