What is Tottenham Hotspur biggest win?

What is Tottenham Hotspur biggest win?

Record wins

  • Record win: 13–2 v Crewe Alexandra, FA Cup, 3 February 1960.
  • Record league victory: 9–0 v Bristol Rovers, Division 2, 22 October 1977.
  • Record Premier League victory: 9–1 v Wigan Athletic, 22 November 2009.
  • Most league goals scored: 10–4 v Everton, 11 October 1958.

Who is the best player in Tottenham history?

Top 10 Best Tottenham Players Of All Time

  • Ricardo Villa. Villa, nicknamed God in his Argentinian homeland due to his long mane and strong beard, joined Spurs as a World Cup winner with Argentina in 1978.
  • Pat Jennings.
  • Gareth Bale.
  • Steve Perryman.
  • Danny Blanchflower.
  • Dave Mackay.
  • Glenn Hoddle.
  • Jimmy Greaves.

Who is better Arsenal or Tottenham?

As of 26 September 2021, 190 games have been played between the two teams since their first game in the Football League in 1909, with 79 wins for Arsenal, 60 wins for Tottenham and 51 games drawn.

Who scored the most goals for Spurs?

Premier League + 1. Division » All-time Topscorers » Tottenham Hotspur » rank 1 – 50

# Player goals
1 Jimmy Greaves 220
2 Bobby Smith 176
3 Harry Kane * 167
4 Cliff Jones 135

What was Tottenham’s last trophy?

Tottenham received their last trophy under Spanish manager Juande Ramos when they claim a 2-1 win against Chelsea in League Cup final in Feb. 2008.

When was Spurs last trophy?

Premier League football (1992–present) They won the League Cup in 1999 under George Graham, and again in 2008 under Juande Ramos.

Which Spurs player was nicknamed the genius?

Paul Gascoigne

Personal information
1984–1988 Newcastle United 92
1988–1992 Tottenham Hotspur 92
1992–1995 Lazio 43
1995–1998 Rangers 74

Who is Tottenham biggest rival?

Chelsea F.C.–Tottenham Hotspur F.C. rivalry – is a rivalry dating back to their first meeting in 1909, between West London Chelsea and North London Tottenham Hotspur. They’ve played each other just over 160 times.

Which team is the pride of London?

Chelsea F.C.
The Pride of London is a Chelsea F.C. site brought to you by the FanSided Network dedicated to providing top-notch news, views and original content.

Who are the best Tottenham Hotspur players of all time?

1 Dave Mackay. “The stature of Dave Mackay in Tottenham folklore is vast and indisputable; indeed, 2 Danny Blanchflower. Danny Blanchflower’s combined leadership, 3 Glenn Hoddle. Tottenham’s most gifted player since the 1960s, 4 Jimmy Greaves. Jimmy Greaves may have arrived at White Hart Lane

When did Martin Chivers join Tottenham Hotspur football club?

Martin Chivers joined Tottenham when Jimmy Greaves was still in town, but it was only when the club’s record goalscorer moved on that their next great marksman began to really hit his stride. It helped that the move that took Greaves to West Ham saw Martin Peters come the other way.

Who was the goalkeeper for Tottenham Hotspur in 1949?

Ted Ditchburn Ted Ditchburn was goalkeeper of Arthur Rowe’s legendary “push-and-run” side that won successive titles in 1949-50 and 1950-51 (Division Two, and then Division One having won promotion).

What did Gary Mabbutt do for Tottenham Hotspur?

Gary Mabbutt’s service to Tottenham Hotspur has continued long into retirement, as a dignified and loyal ambassador in official and unofficial capacity. Notably, the former captain has taken a leading role in supporting his old teammate Paul Gascoigne’s battle with alcoholism.

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