What kind of oil do you use in an airless sprayer?

What kind of oil do you use in an airless sprayer?

FARBMAX protective oil for piston pumps and Graco TSL oil are recommended. And there you have it! All the information you need to clean your Airless Sprayer.

Can you use a paint sprayer with oil based paint?

Can you use oil based paint in a spray gun? Yes, you can spray oil based paints and primers with spray guns. How do you thin oil based paint? Oil based paint is thinned with mineral spirits or turpentine by mixing the paint with the white spirits.

Can you use oil based paint in Graco airless sprayer?

Yes, you can spray oil-based paint with an airless sprayer. Airless sprayers pump paints at about 3,000 PSI through a tiny hole in the gun’s tip. It sprays paint twice as fast as using a roller, brush, or am HVLP sprayer.

How do you maintain a Graco paint sprayer?

Clean Filters, Tips & Guard

  1. Clean the filters along with the tip and tip guard with flushing fluid and a soft bristle brush and inspect them for any damage.
  2. If you’ve flushed your sprayer with water, flush it again with mineral spirits or Pump Armor to leave a protective coating which prevents freezing and corrosion.

Why do you need a Graco automatic lubrication system?

Explore our lines of lubrication equipment—including automatic lubrication and fluid handling systems—for in-plant manufacturing applications. Graco automatic lubrication systems extend equipment lifecycles and improve productivity for a wide range of in-plant applications.

Is the Graco Ultra Max cordless sprayer portable?

Graco’s ProConnect means you can change a pump in less than a minute. You can’t have a cordless sprayer review without mentioning portability, and the Graco Ultra Max Cordless is without a doubt, one of the most portable sprayers on the market. You can take it literally anywhere, and spray even where there’s no power outlets.

How does the Graco Thrif T Luber system work?

The Graco Thrif-T-Luber system meters the amount needed to each bearing point for a set amount of time. Once complete, the timer counts down to the next cycle.

Can you change the tip on a Graco Ultra Max?

You can also change the tip to adjust the spray pattern. And changing tips couldn’t be easier, all you need is a screwdriver. Instead of a plastic paint reservoir, the Graco Ultra Max has FlexiLiner bags that you attach to the gun.

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