What officials are there in trampolining?

What officials are there in trampolining?

In all disciplines, the ‘Chair of Judge’ and their assistant supervise a team of seven specialist judges. The seven judges are then separated to create a team of five to mark the execution and a team of two to assess the difficulty.

What do trampoline judges judge?

They may perform the judging roles for horizontal displacement, time-of-flight, and video for elite competition within the country and as execution judge for local meets and invitationals.

What is the role of a spotter in trampoline?

Spotting is the use of suitably sized and trained participants (or others), placed around the trampoline to assist trampolinists who may fall from the trampoline. There is evidence which suggests that participants fall, or depart more frequently from the ends of the trampoline.

What does HD stand for in trampolining?

1 Minute to go… HD = Horizontal Displacement. This is measured by either a force plate machine which sits under all 4 corners of the trampoline or manually by a judge. It tells judges how much the athletes are travelling around the trampoline during a routine.

Who is the most decorated Trampolinist?

However, all eyes will be on the silver medallist from Rio, DONG Dong. The Chinese gymnast is the most decorated trampoline gymnast ever. He has won a staggering 12 world titles (21 world medals in all) and two World Games golds – to name but a few of his achievements.

What’s the highest score in trampolining?

The final execution score is determined by dropping the highest and lowest of the five scores, then adding up the remaining three scores. Therefore the maximum possible score for execution is 30.0 (10 + 10 + 10).

What is Olympic trampolining scored out of?

A final trampoline mark is based on a difficulty and execution score. A difficulty score begins at 0.0 and goes up continuously with every difficult skill performed. An execution score is different and begins at a score of 10.0, and is then deducted by judges for errors in performance.

What does it mean to spot someone in gymnastics?

Spotting is an essential part of coaching gymnastics. It is physical contact between a coach and an athlete that is reasonably intended to respond to the needs of the athlete. Spotting for guidance is used when needed to orientate or position the athlete so they can replicate movements.

What is Miller in trampolining?

Miller – A double back somersault with three full twists in any somersault. Double Front – A double front somersault (may be performed in tuck or pike position). Double Back – A double back somersault (may be performed in tuck, pike, or straight position). Triple Front – A triple Front somersault.

Is trampolining a sport?

Trampolining, or rebound tumbling, is an individual sport of acrobatic movements performed after rebounding into the air from the trampoline. Although rebound tumbling has existed for centuries, it did not achieve wide popularity until the 20th century, when it became a featured attraction performed by circus acrobats.

What do the officials wear in a trampoline competition?

The recorders collate scores from the judges and enter them on a computer. In addition to the judging crew, each panel will have a competition marshall who ensures competitors get their warm-ups and compete in the correct order. The officials would wear suits, except the marshal who would wear a tracksuit.

What should a girl wear to a trampoline park?

Girls Trampoline Park Outfits. Girls may want to consider something like: A leotard. Bike shorts or athletic shorts, similar to what a boy might wear. ​A comfortable t-shirt. Not too tight and not too lose. ​Tuck the t-shirt into shorts or pants to avoid having it flap around while jumping.

How many judges do you need for a trampoline event?

Each event has a minimum judging panel present. An individual trampoline event must have one Chair of Judges Panel, one Degree of Difficulty Judge and five Execution Judges.

What are rules for judges and spotters in gymnastics?

During a gymnastics trampoline event, the judges and spotters follow the rules and regulations put forward by the regulating body to ensure a fair outcome and the athletes’ safety. An athlete’s spotter must avoid making contact with the gymnast unless necessary, as this leads to the deduction of points from the total score.

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