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What resuscitation measures must be performed on every newborn?

What resuscitation measures must be performed on every newborn?

The initial steps of resuscitation are to provide warmth by placing the baby under a radiant heat source, positioning the head in a “sniffing” position to open the airway, clearing the airway if necessary with a bulb syringe or suction catheter, drying the baby, and stimulating breathing.

What are the ethical principles that guide the resuscitation of a newborn?

The ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice are fundamental principles essential in making decisions regarding neonatal resuscitation.

What are the four pre birth questions that should be asked to assess Perinatal risk?

7th edition NRP recommends 4 pre-birth questions are asked: gestational age, number of babies anticipated, the colour of amniotic fluid and presence of additional risk factors.

What is resuscitation of a newborn?

Neonatal resuscitation is used to revive a newborn who is not breathing or has other serious problems. Neonatal resuscitation is a series of emergency procedures performed by a doctor to support newborn babies who are not breathing, are gasping or have a weak heartbeat at birth.

What is newborn resuscitation equipment?

According to the WHO and the AAP “Helping Babies Breathe” program the list of essential equipment should include gloves, towels/cloths, head covering, scissors, ties, suction device, ventilation device, stethoscope and timer [4].

What is the recommended way to determine if a baby requires oxygen in the delivery room?

Supplemental oxygen administration Medical professionals use pulse oximetry, a test used to measure the oxygen saturation of the blood, to determine when the administration of oxygen is appropriate in the newborn population (2).

How to assess the need for neonatal resuscitation?

Assessing the Need for Neonatal Resuscitation 1 Is the baby born at term? 2 Is the baby breathing/crying? 3 Does the baby have good muscle tone?

What are the first steps in resuscitation of a baby?

Initial Steps of Resuscitation: Dry the baby and remove the wet cloth. Keep the baby warm either by a warmer or direct skin to skin contact with mother. Assess crying and breathing while drying: – Breathing well: Crying or breathing quietly and regularly. – Not breathing well or gasping respiration.

Why is it important to resuscitate a new born baby?

If the baby does not start breathing immediately after birth, she may even die due to lack of oxygen. A proper resuscitation helps the baby to attain normal breathing. Therefore, all health care providers should develop basic resuscitation skills.

When to stop resuscitation of a newborn baby?

When to stop Resuscitation? If no signs of life, no heart rate, no respirations or color change even after 20 minutes of effective resuscitation, discontinue efforts. Wait for an hour before declaring the baby dead.

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